Vintage adrenaline

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This was a pretty big weekend, since the annual Phinney sale and the Olympic Manor sale ended up both being on the same day. I have been belly-aching about this for a couple of months, but I managed to have one of my best days, thanks to one sale.

After hitting a couple of sales on the way to Phinney Ridge, I was speeding down 74th Ave. Karl hollered out that I had driven right past a sale.

Amazing sale

The first thing I saw were some amazing green dinette chairs. But they had just been sold — argh! We started looking through the rest of the stuff, and noticed the sellers hadn’t quite finished their breakfast yet.

Yard sale breakfast

They had tons of stuff, but sadly some of it had been set up on Friday and was sort of dewy. This didn’t seem to be the case for the clothing or shoes, but the cups and bowls were damp. There was a stack of old Look and Life magazines that had been under a towel held down by a large rock — not the best situation.

In the first couple of minutes, I grabbed three pairs of 1940’s shoes. Karl usually lets me have first crack at the clothing, but I usually let him take first crack at any box of LPs at a sale, so it works out. Jenny looked around some, but she quickly got sort of bored with the whole sale. I did make her come over and look into the strange box of vintage pills.

Vintage pillboxes

Not something you see on a regular basis. Especially when they still have some of the pills inside. Eek!

Vintage pills

One of the guys at the sale said there was more stuff inside, so I asked him to bring out more clothing for me, which he did. So many coats, dresses, shoes, scarves and hats. All vintage, lots of it really great. The bummer? Only the older woman (named “Jenny” also, adding confusion whenever I called over to our Jenny) could work out the prices. And the prices made no sense. One dress that was just okay would be $7.25, then some amazing ’40s number would be $2.50. An extra large Bauer pot was $20, a box of vintage wallpaper $5. And this all took forever, even with our Jenny working a calculator, Karl handing the woman items one at a time to keep things moving, and me taking the stuff to the car. Jenny was really starting to lose her cool. I know that she was excited for me, but she was ready to get on with the other sales. We spent way too long at this sale, but it was so worth it. My “vintage adrenaline” was pumping hard!

Karl and I picked up enough stuff to fill up the trunk and half the back seat. The trunk photo doesn’t even do this justice. We had to drop everything back at my house before we could hit any more sales.

Junk In My Trunk 9-12-09 Pt. 1

Around 1:00 both Karl and I ended up going back to the sale. Since I had told one of the guys helping at the sale what I was looking for, they had kept some of the clothing in the house for me and started bringing out piles of stuff. I ended up scoring a 50s vintage Hawaiian shirt. Karl was a little upset, but seemed to get over it when he figured out I was going to keep it. We both picked up a bunch more stuff. All told I spent around $200 at the sale and picked up some amazing items. The Phinney and Olympic Manor sales didn’t really pan out like I’d hoped, but after hitting the jackpot so big at this one, how can I complain?

5 Responses to Vintage adrenaline

  1. sue says:

    1. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Jenny brings a CALCULATOR to yard sales?!?

    2. I no longer feel bad about spending over $200 at an estate sale last weekend.

    I’m hoping you guys can drag out the yard-sale season as long as possible!


  2. Jenny says:

    Ha, Sue – there is a calculator on my phone. I have never busted it out at a sale before, but in this case it seemed necessary (if that woman had taken the time to write everything down and then add it up manually we’d probably STILL be at that sale).

  3. Suzy says:

    Those vintage medications are quite scary! Yikes!! It always amazes me what things people save.

  4. sherri says:

    That is a lot of tupperware. I wonder what they would have said if you made an offer on that egg and piece of bacon.

  5. swankola says:

    “Vintage Adrenaline” would be a good name for a blog.