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I was not feeling the vibe for going out last Saturday at all. The previous weekend was kind of bunk (more on that later), it was supposed to rain, and it was Labor Day (always iffy for sales). I told Meghan she could probably talk me into it if she felt really motivated, and she said “of course! we have to go!” In the morning it was CRAZY raining and we almost just flaked, but we decided to at least hit a few. There are really only two things I have to report:

1. We saw this sign.

Keep your clothes on

2. Meghan finally discovered that I had left the Jesus stickers from a few weeks back in her glove compartment. She flung them at me when I got in the car, and I proceeded to leave them at someone else’s (really awful) sale.

Really – after about five sales we decided to get breakfast and call it a day.

The previous weekend had a lot more sales to hit. One of them even started at 7 a.m.! It had been listed as an 11-person group fundraising sale, and our friend Spanky was one of the sellers. 7 is really way too early, but we made it there a little before 8. It was slightly drizzly, but seemed like it might turn around before long.

Big funky sale

Meghan immediately recognized it as the same house where we’d been to a “big and funky” sale a few weeks back, although that seller didn’t seem to be anywhere in sight (nor did most of the supposed 11 sellers). Spanky had tons of fun stuff, but I didn’t find anything I really needed to possess. Meghan found this amazing school binder (we were calling it a Trapper Keeper, although I suppose that’s not technically correct) and I was glad she bought it, or I would have had to, just to give it a good home.

Quiet Riot school folder

She also purchased a bunch of CDs and an incredible shirt made out of bandana-print fabric. I made a comment about how it was for when a bandana in your back pocket just isn’t enough.

There were a couple of sales listed as 8am on the list, so we headed to one of those next. Looked like they couldn’t quite make it happen …

Sale Starting Later

Then we saw signs for an unlisted sale — drove over, and they were still setting up for a 9:00 start. We didn’t have high hopes, but thought we might swing back later.

Next, back to Meghan’s house to meet up with Karl, who was due at 8:30 (after proclaiming “anyone who starts their sale at 7 is a sadist”). Then off to the next round.

I had thought this one address seemed familiar, and sure enough it turned out to be a sale we’d hit last year — and Meghan had hit the year before that! This time was much smaller and it was still getting organized when we got there, but they had some cool stuff.

Cute stuff on table

I picked up a cool piece of barkcloth and a ’60s kid’s sunhat, for a whopping $2. Karl got a few items and I think Meghan might have left empty-handed this time around.

We headed back to the sale we’d stopped at too early, and sure enough they were open for business now. Plus, the sun was indeed starting to come out! There was a lot of kids’ stuff, plus an odd mix of motorcycle collectibles and outdated kitchen appliances. Karl pointed out a Crown Royal bag stuffed with something … which turned out to be more Crown Royal bags! The seller said they had been saved for a school craft project, which seemed a little odd. Then Meghan mentioned a girl in her class who used to bring her lunch in a Crown Royal bag, which seemed even wackier. Then I heard Meghan say, “Oh my god, is that a Partridge Family tattoo?” The seller nodded and said, “I actually have three of them!” We were all amazed, and begged her to let us take a picture.

Partridge Family tattoos!

Not shown: “C’mon Get Happy” in swirling script around her other wrist. AWESOME.

We hit a few duds. Karl remarked that each of us had said “That sale looks terrible” a bunch of times. I hadn’t realized it, but it was true! At one point I said that this was the kind of day that made me think we needed a new hobby. Finally we stumbled upon what seemed to be a pre-estate sale … an older couple selling off some of their own cool old stuff.

Old folks' sale

Meghan swooped down on a kick-ass pair of vintage cowboy boots that seemed like they might actually fit! They were $25, but in really nice shape and still in their original box. I must admit, I was a tiny bit jealous. Later it turned out they were too big for her (and thus would’ve been for me), so it was kind of a moot point. I didn’t end up getting anything here, but it was a fun sale.

We then hit a sale that had started on Friday. We usually skip those, but this one sounded interesting, saying it was a mix of “artist stuff and Japanese items.” I guess this was true, but the items weren’t all that great.

"Japanese items"

We hit a few more terrible-looking sales, none of which turned out to be much better than they looked, and a few sales that were mysteriously cancelled. It wasn’t one of our best days for sure, but somehow the trunk got at least sorta filled up.

Junk In My Trunk 8-29-09

9 Responses to C’mon get happy

  1. liz says:

    I come across the Face Forward book pretty much at a different thrift every week. I finally decided it was worth the $0.98 I paid for it.

    Always love the trunk shots !

  2. Eddie says:

    Hey! I’ve still got that Quiet Riot binder around here somewhere!

  3. Honey says:

    I am so glad you posted. I read your site faithfully because of your great adventures.

    Here in HELL (opps, I mean Central FLORIDA), ALL garage sales start at 7 AM. Which means, of course, that they really start at 6 AM because of all the bottom-feeders ebay sellers and “collectibles” store owners who park their cars out in front of these sales at 4 AM in order to be there first, or call the sellers the night before, even, if the phone number had been included in the ads. So by 6:15 AM all the good stuff (if there is any, since we are a transient state, and all the people who move in from the “Nawth”–yes, that includes Oregon–and Colorado, too) have huge estate sales selling off all the cool groovy stuff to you spoiled Yankees before they come to Hell–and then promptly buy white trash plastic Made in China sh*t from Wal-Mart “’cause it’s better for the grandkids–and look! we are so close to Disney and the beaches and you can see the rockets launch from your front yard and golf year-round”–thereby making whatever garage sales here in the Chinese dry-walled McMansions totally abysmal.

    Of course, I don’t want to blame it ALL on the older people/snowbird transients. We are, after all, the “land of the newly-wed/nearly dead, so a good portion of our garage sales are dedicated entirely to baby sh*t–acres and acres of plastic Made-in-China toys and stuff. Not to worry–if it doesn’t sell, it will wind up at the local Good Will or church thrift where you will hear moms and grandmoms shrieking across the store at any given time during operating hours: “Lookee here! Don’t you think little AshelyBriannna/TiffanyRhiannon/JustinConnor/GordonGekko would just LOVE this???”

    The point—I read your posts because I have to scratch my thrift itch which has been kneecapped by living in white trash breeder snowbird hell.

    A Fan

  4. S- says:

    It was The Full moon!
    (That’s my Junkin’ trauma excuse, and I’m sticking to it!)

  5. Sue G says:

    Totally diggin’ that keep yer clothes on sign. Too funny!

  6. Del says:

    Here in Tennessee sales generally start at 7am as well. On Saturdays, the majority will have packed it up by lunch, due in no small part to the often grueling summer heat.

    Love the Partridge Family ink. These days when I’m constantly bombarded by tattoos, most of which are horrible in both conception and execution, it’s nice to see something that’s both attractive and meaningful. Or that could just be my nostalgia talking.

    Nice find on the poker caddy too.

  7. Lily says:

    I was just in Pendleton for the Round Up and spied that sign in the actual Let ‘Er Buck Room — apparently flashing the bar used to be de rigeur for the ladies and when they changed the rules they had to post that sign.

  8. MR says:

    Hey! I’ve still got that Quiet Riot binder around here somewhere!

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