Sunny Friday sales

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I was able to make the Friday sale rounds for the first time in ages, and it was a warm 85 degrees. Jenny and I had just been talking about how this year hasn’t really seemed to be as good as past years. I think we both felt that it could turn around any time. Really, you have to keep kissing a lot of toads when it comes to yard sales.

Karl had the morning off, so we made plans to meet at 8:30 without Jenny, since she had to be at work. I hadn’t really had to organize the sale list in a while … I am out of practice.

The first sale was a really crappy church sale. Too bad, since church jumbles can have some of the best stuff. Karl picked up a couple of wacky items.

Two blocks away we hit a really large moving sale and I liked its oddball style. It’s not often you go to a sale with a stuffed pheasant hanging in a tree.

Yard sale pheasant

The seller had decided to part with a few of his many motocross trophies.

Motocross trophies

There were also tons of magazines. Sadly, some smelled a little like dog pee. Gross!

After that we went to a really great hippie sale … no, it wasn’t really that hippie, but the seller was from India and the vibe was very boho/hippie. She was really nice. Some guy walked up and very rudely asked, “Is this all you have?” I mean it just sounded so bad that I full on made fun of him as he was walking away. As we started to leave we saw another guy get out of his car and run to the sale. Really? Running? To a sale that there are no people at? Karl and I couldn’t resist yelling at him out of the car window.

We followed a crazy looking sign to our next stop.

Deranged "G-SALE" sign

I recognized it the second we pulled up.

Repeat sale

It’s where I encountered this awful gem two years ago.

Tragic clown

I am not even sure how anyone could own this much crap. Honestly, this guy had a moose head made from old nylons that was mounted on a cut-out piece of wood, so you could hang it above your mantel. When I made a comment about the moose, he pulled me and Karl into his house to show us “an item that my wife wouldn’t let me hang on the wall until recently.” Neither of us really wanted to go into his house, but he insisted. The offending item? A hat rack of a wildebeest head.

We hit a few more “meh” sales and then we hit a sale that had one of the most odd items that I have ever purchased: The Doberman Quarterly from 1985. You will have to wait for a book report, but let me tell you that the cover is ladies in bikinis with a doberman. It’s un-fucking-real. They didn’t really have anything super incredible, but I am assuming that someone looking for a vintage cruiser would have been stoked.


The last sale we hit was pretty amazing for both of us. Karl hit a box of LPs and I noticed a box of 45’s in the front of the dusty garage. I was trying to point out the box of 7″s to him, but he seemed distracted. I was mostly just trying to let him know that they are there. I don’t usually look at records with Karl, since he is a bigger collector. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. But I figured, what the hell, I’ll take a peek. I was pretty amazed to find a copy of “The Witch” by The Sonics for 25 cents. When I showed it to Karl he said “I’ll take that!” Um, no. I am not a total idiot.

Karl did pick up some 7″s and was super bummed to see a set of speakers being walked across the street to the neighbors’ house.

Junk In My Trunk 7-17-09

4 Responses to Sunny Friday sales

  1. Linnea says:

    Is that a bottle of Aveda Elixir in your trunk??? Take a look on eBay I just sold 1 full bottle along with a almost used bottle for $112.50. Worth the try if you don’t use the stuff. Just an FYI. Thanks for the blog I just stumbled across it this last week, and really enjoy your adventures in rummaging.

  2. Meghan says:

    Nope. It’s detoxifier. Good for you! That is a tidy profit.

  3. Maryanne says:

    Is that a drive-in movie speaker you picked up? Been looking for a reasonably priced set FOREVER. Besides all the drive-in memories, my dad had a set he’d hook to the stereo cabinet (record player/8-track etc) and hang them outside to play scary sounds for the kiddies on Halloween. Ah memories!

  4. Meghan says:

    No. Karl picked an old microphone. Very cool looking too.