Books save the day

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I really don’t remember most of the sales that we hit this weekend. That’s probably because almost all the sales seemed really boring. I mean sure, one of them had a very large swordfish, but that didn’t mean there was anything there we wanted to buy.

Driveway swordfish

One lady had listed her sale as a vintage collectible sale — not even sure how she could list it that way, since not much there was old. We were greeted out front by this sombrero-wearing Care Bear, which didn’t seem like a real good sign.

Care Bear with sombrero

The framed TAB poster was kind of cool (but not $15 cool) and Jenny did pick up a couple of issues of the now defunct Domino Magazine.

Body by TAB

Pretty much all the sales we hit were a bust, with the one exception being a sale billed as a sample and yard sale. Here is the thing: most sample sales really suck — or more that they are usually selling crap that neither of us buy. But when we pulled up I remembered the house from last summer, when I had purchased the book Camp Camp at their sale. I had wondered last time if her sale had been really good in the morning, since we hit it super late. This time we got there right around 9:00 when she just had set up. SCORE! She had about 7 boxes of brand new (and good) books, and was selling them for 75% off the cover price. More expensive than you usually want to see books for at a yard sale, but since there was a lot of good stuff, it was worth it. Once I started grabbing stuff I couldn’t really stop. Gifts? Sure! Jenny was picking up stuff for her daughter’s next birthday. The seller even knocked a few bucks off our totals and rounded down. My grand total was $50, and I think Jenny spent $65.

And that is pretty much the only reason we even have a trunk photo this week.

Junk In My Trunk 6-13-09

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