Poo-poo planning

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A few weeks ago Jenny and I did hit some sales, but it wasn’t even worth blogging about. I think we hit a total of three sales and I was completely hung over. Getting breakfast was a far more pressing issue.

This past weekend is when the Greenwood/Phinney Ridge yard sale day usually happens — what we consider our “spring opener” (although anyone that follows us will remember that last year it snowed). We were shocked to find that due to either fear of snow or just poor planning, the Phinney Ridge Association is planning to have the sale in September instead. In fact I think it’s the same weekend as the Olympic Manor neighborhood sale -– poor planning indeed!

Jenny was out of town and I asked Karl if he wanted to hit some sales. I even offered to come over to the south end. After trading a couple of messages and a quick look at Craig’s, Karl said the sales looked better in my part of town and he would come over at 8:30. He even said that in the spirit of Jenny being gone he would make up a list.

Come Saturday morning I was hung over again (I don’t really know what is going on with me these days) and was stoked that he would be doing the sales list. I thought I’d take a look just to see if anything new had been posted. I was glad that I did, since he showed up without a list. We really needed something, since it was overcast and there were no signs, with the exception of this woman that has an “artist” sale and posts signs on every telephone pole that she can reach.

Our first sale was at some apartment complex and I walked away from the yard after I overheard my sale nemesis and some other sale dork talking about the Phinney sale situation. Honestly, I don’t need anything else in my life if it means I have to listen to that guy talking.

That bald guy

After that we drove by a couple of sales that weren’t actually happening. Then we hit a sale on one of the side streets in the Phinney area that turned out to be three sales. None of them were really amazing, but Karl purchased a few records.

Record squirrel sighting

After that I needed some food. My hangover was starting to make driving pretty wonky. After grabbing a quick snack we hit a sale that Jenny and I had been to about four years ago. Before it was in front of her home, but this time was inside and she had amazing dishes, lamps, tea pots, desks, and more.

Dishes galore

There was tons of stuff. All nice and old, none of it cheap, but she knew what she had. Later Karl and I talked about how fringe/avant-garde she was. Too old for punk rock, but not really hippie either. Someone that would have lived in NYC in the ’60s and been really interesting.

Lamps and lampshades

Really we mostly just spent the day driving around and trading gossip. Our last sale was mostly union/lefty books from a former AFL-CIO dude that was moving to Washington, DC. He had some amazing books and I tried to get him to sell me this amazing Poo Poo sign, but he refused. He did let me take a photo of it.

Poo-Poo Point Trail 100 Ft

Sadly, Jenny wasn’t around to photo-style the trunk, but I did my best.

Junk In My Trunk 4-18-09

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