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We were hoping to have something decent to blog about today. And we did hit a few sales. But the overall experience … it was just sad. I forgot my camera, and Meghan’s had its battery die right when she tried to take her first picture. So, no photos of the alarming number of mouse traps & roach spray being sold at one moving sale, or the garish rhinestone crucifix necklace next to a decorative plaque reading “In This House, We Consider Dog Hair A Condiment” at another.

And especially no photo of the sale at a design firm of some sort, whose ad had boasted of “thousands of items” and promised to be “the best garage sale you have ever attended, guaranteed.” There was no time listed and we showed up around 10:00, only to find we were an hour early. Judging by what we could see through the window (like a crappy $20 vintage hat and other overpriced items), that might have been for the best.

My few purchases aren’t even worthy of a recap. And Meghan bought only one item: a magazine, for fifty cents. What more can I say? We’re trying …

6 Responses to Pathetic

  1. Mary says:

    Somehow just hearing about the rhinestone crucifix necklace next to the “in this house we consider dog hair a condiment” made my life better. Sorry you didn’t get a photo, but the visual in my head is almost as good!

  2. sean laduke says:

    It sounds as sad a a local sale that boasted furniture and collectables – yet all I found was three pieces of particle board shelving and a nasty rug, ugly rug for $85(make offer), such was the state from Willows, CA.

  3. Mattie says:

    Things are just as pathetic in Sacramento. šŸ™

  4. zoe says:

    Hi! I’m a massive fan of your blog, and I’ve nominated it for a little award!:

    All the best

  5. Wanda says:

    That sound like my garage sale experiance last week. Everyone thinks just because something is old and dusty it is a rare antique, and price accordingly. those I just pass by. But it is all worth will when you find that one cool thing that is in your price range, and belive me my range is very low. Cheers.

  6. Sonya says:

    Disappointing…Our sales start this weekend and I am keeping my fingers crossed that they start with a good haul:)