Designer punk rock rummage goats

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Look Out Sale

So, it was Round 2 of Karl and Krista coming over to Ballard for sales. I had started to work on a list, but knowing that Karl would probably ignore it I was only making a half-assed attempt. As I was peeking at the Craig’s listings I saw there was a large rummage sale starting at 8:00. I was thinking that I could run over there and be back in Ballard by 8:30 when they were supposed to arrive at my house, especially since they had been 20 minutes late last week.

The rummage sale was for Sage Connections, an organization that provides pet adoption services to low-income and isolated populations. The sale was a little hard to find (mostly due to the fact that I couldn’t remember where the street was exactly) and when I finally got there, tons of people had already started digging into the piles. I noticed a set of nesting cubes and thought maybe it was just display. I asked her what the price was and she launched into some story about a friend of hers who works at a local art and design store and had donated some stuff. She said she would give them to me for $20, but I should put them in my car fast, since her friend would come and probably want WAY MORE for them. She then said “Oh, and how about these cubes? I guess they are some hot shot designer.” I flipped them over and it was two bamboo green Jonathan Adler nesting cubes. EEEK!

I left there with three really nice new shower curtains, a tool bag, and the two sets of cubes, all for $60.

Junk In My Trunk 7-26-08 #1

Okay, so now I needed to haul ass to get back to my house. We headed off and hit some so-so sales, nothing amazing. I ran into an old friend that said she had taken part in a sale downtown that was huge. It was also near the punk rock rummage sale where Karl said he had made some great scores on LP’s a few months back, so we headed over that way.

The Belltown Garden P-Patch sale had tons of stuff, but nothing really amazing to buy.

Rack of clothes

I love these 4 houses with the community garden and I have always been amazed that they haven’t been torn down. (Here is a link about the houses.)

Belltown Garden P-Patch sale

After the garden sale, we hit the Seattle Punk Rock Flea Market. This is a bit more of a craft show with some “junk” tossed in. Karl did find some great 7″ scores.

Punk Rock Flea Market

We headed back to the north end and hit a few more sales in Ballard. On one street we found three goats just hanging out in the front yard of this house. I had heard there was a new city ordinance allowing people to have goats.

Neighborhood goats

It’s not very often that we fill up the trunk twice in one day.

Junk In My Trunk 7-26-08 #2

5 Responses to Designer punk rock rummage goats

  1. suzy says:

    My god those cubes are frickin’ fabulous. Those will bring some nice change on the resale market or just look fabulous in the den on the shag carpet.

  2. Meghan says:

    Oh, I am keeping them. Right now the the White cubes are in my garage until I have a space for them. My living room is that same green. Very stoked.

  3. Diane says:

    Very well done. How much did they want for the goats? LOL.

  4. You need a bigger trunk! Great score on the cubes and tables.

    Are the goats in place of lawn mowers?

  5. Meghan says:

    I guess so… Not sure why you would need 3 goats, but they seemed happy to just chill and eat.