Friday sales … and a point of clarification

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First off, I need to mention that a person’s MOVING sale is not a person’s ESTATE sale. I know we have talked about this before, but it seems like a reminder is in order. Estate sale means a person has passed away, or maybe even been put into a nursing home. It implies that you are selling a person’s “estate” — hence the name. It doesn’t mean your P.O.S. nasty kitchen table, toddler clothing, your husband’s old T-shirts, and your cheap ass Walmart shoes. YUCK!

O.K., now that I have that off my chest I can get on with the rest of the sales. I just happened to have Friday off this week and I hate to say it, but I really didn’t see that many sales listed. The above mentioned “estate” sale. Then a sale that ended up having some of the most scary dolls — really, this one that talks and writes will probably kill me in my sleep.

Scary doll

That shit freaks me out. And they had tables and tables of dolls. It was too much.

Basket of dolls

At the next sale I was pretty stoked to get an Ebonite skull bowling ball for $10 (with free stand — who knew you needed a stand, right?)

Yard sale with skull bowling ball

I then hit a sale in Olympic Manor that didn’t have much, but they did have about ten freeboxes.

Free box

Most of them just had crap, but I dug into one of them and came out with this really awesome box of 1890s – 1920s photos.

Box of vintage photos

Karl called after I came home and started looking through all of the free vintage photos to tell me about a sale that he had just been to that he thought might be worthy. I got back in the car and ended up at this sale that I have been to literally 8 times in the last 7 years. Same sale, same crap, same!

10 Responses to Friday sales … and a point of clarification

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  2. Diane says:

    I really hope you took those photos home with you. They look very interesting.

  3. Maryanne says:

    Jealous of both the bowling ball and the vintage photos. 😉

    The dolls are creepy. They are second only to clowns in “kill you in your sleep” rankings.

  4. laurie says:

    Hallelujah on your remarks about estate vs garage sales. I pretty much only go to estate sales and I want it to be an estate of a person – as morbid as it sounds death or nursing home! It drives me bananas when people advertise a regular garage sale as an estate sale!!!!!!! Thanks for letting me vent…we are sure on the same page there.
    great vintage photos find!

  5. sharie says:

    lucky you finding the vintage photos!

  6. Lucitebox says:

    Oh, wow– an Ebonite skull bowling ball for $10?! I cannot believe it. I’m pretty sure that you now have super powers. Maybe you can scare the dolls away with it.

  7. Meghan says:

    The bowling ball is super cool… I had an even better sat., but I need to get to some blogging. Hope you had a great weekend too.

  8. LOVE it! Those look like great vintage snaps!

  9. Mattie says:

    It’s my dream to find a box full of old photos at a yard sale. A FREE box of old photos is too good to be true!

  10. Tom Zarrilli says:

    Yes a MOVING sale is not an ESTATE sale. I have been preaching this for years. Demand truth in advertising on yard sales posters. Love your site.