Hankies and candles and cats … oh my

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The Seattle Men’s Chorus and Seattle Women’s Chorus Annual Rummage Sale was held this weekend. This was our first time going to this 3-day event. It started on Friday night as a preview sale — for $25 a person. We debated going, but in the end we couldn’t justify spending that much money just to get in early, and decided to go at 7:30 am on Saturday instead.

The sale was being held at the old Crypt location (a local sex toy and leather goods store) and they sure had a ton of stuff, most of it men’s clothing but with various electronics, housewares, and other stuff as well. This photo only shows one corner of the sale.

Piles o' clothing

It was clear that they had spent days getting it ready, but the pricing was a little off — pants for $5, but dresses and shoes for $2? It didn’t make sense.The men’s clothing looked really good (aside from a couple of scary pairs of Joey Buttafuoco pants), but the women’s was a little on the stale side. I mean a purple shirt with cats? Might as well have a bumper sticker that says “crazy cat lady”.

Purple cat shirt

Since this was a benefit for a chorus, one can only imagine the singing that went along with these tapes (and they had many, many more). Erasure anyone?

Rockin' the 80s tapes

One thing that really cracked me up was this large selection of bandanas (or handkerchiefs or “hankies”) that had obviously been displayed prominently, probably as a sly wink at the legendary handkerchief code of the gay community.


I found a new Votivo candle right as we started to check out. The man that rung us up told me that the Seattle company was recently purchased and would no longer be making their candles. Bummer since the red currant is my favorite candle.

After picking up a couple of baked goods from their table we headed off to the rest of the sales on our list. I’ll let Jenny talk about those …

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