Attack of the built-in planter

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A few weeks ago Jenny and I hit an estate sale at a beautiful (non-restored) home in Olympic Manor. Those of you that follow us or know much about this North Ballard planned community may know that this is one of the most amazing planned areas in Seattle, filled with ’50s and ’60s homes in fantastic condition. Significant Northwest Modernist residential architects designed many of the homes in Olympic Manor and it is always great to drive through the neighborhood for sales or other purposes (they get pretty into their Christmas decor there and that’s always fun to see).

Every midcentury modern house-hunter’s dream? The 1950s indoor planter! I think the photos speak for themselves.

Indoor planter at estate sale #1

Indoor planter at estate sale #2

Indoor planter at estate sale #3

This is what happens when good style goes bad.

3 Responses to Attack of the built-in planter

  1. erinberry says:

    I dream of having a mid-century home with a great planter like that! I’d put better plants in it though… ones that are alive 🙂

  2. Auctionwally says:

    Those are some great photos! I’ve been interested in getting some plants in my house, have none yet, because the air is so much better in houses that have a lot of plants.

    I’m always interested to know what is selling in different antiques/collectibles markets and was wondering, what the hot items are in Seattle?

    I’m an auctioneer in MA and smalls, postcards, and good American Art pottery is smokin at the moment.
    As well as costume jewelry, anything in gold and sterling and certain vintage clothing.
    Hope you have a moment to check out my site.
    I don’t know much about plants, but the ones in your pics look VERY alive to me!


  3. amodernguy says:

    I recieved a You Make My Day Award and I am passing it on to you!

    Here are the obligatory “rules” that go with this award…

    1) Write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think and/or make your day
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    3) Tell the award winners that they have won by commenting on their blogs with the news!

    Thank you for adding to my day through your blog!