Saturday’s junk

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In my previous post I didn’t bother to report on what ended up in our trunk last Saturday.

Junk In My Trunk 10-13-07

It wasn’t the most score-o-riffic day. All I bought was one pair of kids’ shoes, one unremarkable picture frame, a book about Value Village/Savers (which I was hoping would be a down and dirty expose, but turned out to be a feel-good job published by the company themselves), and the skirt you see draped over the middle there. The seller had bought it at Anthropologie but said she never wore it because it made her butt look big. I love the pattern, but when I tried it on I had to admit that it doesn’t really do my lower half any favors either.

Meghan filled up a big red “hazardous waste” bag with some vintage dresses, shirts, and a cool old quilt that was only $10. She picked up some other odds and ends like books, small stuffed animals destined to be destroyed by her dog in a matter of minutes, and a great vintage houndstooth sweater-jacket that looked great on her, but which she later reported was itchy. Oh, and one record: “Happy Birthday” by Altered Images, which then went through our heads for the rest of the morning. (And if you know that song, now it’s probably going through yours. Sorry.)

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  1. Savers needs no “exposing” in my opinion, as it’s generally a nasty dump. How much more could they let hang out, really?

    I’m jealous of your garage sale potential out there. Here in the No Coast, everything’s clamped shut for the season. Waaah!