Southside sales

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Karl had invited Jenny and I to come to sales across town in his neighborhood on Saturday. I was feeling pretty iffy about going, since I had plans to have an end of summer party on Saturday night. But the pull of the last few sales of the summer was more than I could bear. A few party details can wait, no?

We never go to sales in this part of town — in the years we have been going to sales I think we have hit this area all of 3 or 4 times. It’s usually pretty good, but since it’s across town who wants to waste prime garage sale time in the car. Karl has a route that he does most Saturdays and he usually has some pretty awesome scores, so we thought we would check it out.

After picking Karl up we drove by a sale that was starting at 10:00 and wouldn’t allow anyone to look, so we headed four blocks south to a sale that at first looked like had the potential to be too baby, but ended up having some hidden treasures. At another stop we met this nurse who let me take a photo of her sweatshirt — the sale wasn’t the best, but they were cool folks.

Nurses call the shots!

We were definitely spending more time driving than shopping. Karl seemed to feel badly about the lack of signs (and even listings on Craigs) and for a few minutes this little excursion seemed like a bad idea. But what was lacking in quantity was sure made up for in quality at the next sale. The house was almost empty and it looked like it was going to be really crappy until we found some really great books. Both Jenny and I sat on the floor grabbing stuff. I was super jealous of Jenny finding an ’80s book about heavy metal music.

From one of the back bedrooms I heard Karl say my name once, then again — whatever he had found, I was sure it was going to be good, so I got up and went over there. Hanging against one of the doors were 6 vintage dresses and there was clothing all over the floor. Yes!

The owner was nice, but then he told us about a guy that “owned an antique shop” who had bought all kinds of stuff earlier in the morning. I groaned and Jenny said “Don’t tell us that!” Still, everyone found great stuff. I filled up three boxes packed full of clothing and books. I thought the guy would sit and count everything, but he just peeked into the box and said “How about 15 bucks a box?” DONE!

We hit a few more sales, nothing amazing, but a few were interesting. We filled the trunk and had some amazing baked goods that I’m sure will get the royal blogging treatment later.

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