Saturday’s scores — edible and otherwise

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Junk In My Trunk 9-15-07

Meghan summed up our Saturday pretty well in the last post, but I wanted to chime in and talk about some of the cool stuff I got. From that one amazing sale in the mostly-empty house I scored three pairs of shoes for a buck apiece: Fluevog boots, green/tan Born shoes and — can it be? — another pair of Giraudons! Unfortunately, they all ended up being just a tad too small, but I am sure I will find them some good homes. I also got a cute “A Is For Alligator” print, two vintage bowls, and a bunch of books (most of them were okay, but not quite as enthralling as the Heavy Metal one). At other sales I grabbed some cute cloth napkins, yet more books, and some free magazines that ended up smelling like cat pee. (Ew.)

Karl’s scores included a bowl from Tai Tung Restaurant, a very long and skinny landscape painting in lovely ’70s shades of brown, and a box of Star Wars trading cards that he somehow talked the empty-house-sale guy into giving him for free as a “commission” for bringing us to his sale.

I think our most amazing scores of the day came from the Sweet and Savory bakery. Karl promised us he knew where to get some good baked treats, even going so far as to “stake his reputation” on this place. Well, I am pleased to report that his reputation is intact — maybe even elevated a notch. Everything we had was delicious: coffee cake, a plum/almond tart, a chocolate croissant … yum! Perhaps tastiest of all was the homemade salt bagel with cream cheese. Meghan claimed it was the best bagel she’s ever eaten (and let me tell you, she’s eaten plenty of bagels in her day). We couldn’t stop thinking about the pastries all morning, and we ended up making a second stop later to get even more. Those are a couple of fresh baguettes that you can see poking up in the back seat of the car.

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