Another sign that a sale is going to suck: Leprosy

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We were excited to discover that a Japanese blog, Retro Junk, is linking to our site! It looks like a fun blog, judging from the photos in some of the other posts. Of course, we can’t actually read it, but I did notice that they mentioned our post about signs that a sale is probably going to suck. Meghan had the bright idea to run it through an online translator, and this is what it came up with:

6 only the leprosy which is attached there is an article

The original post did not mention leprosy, but I would have to agree that it would be a pretty bad omen for a sale.

We’re stoked about the link. Hello to any Japanese visitors! I’m sure the post makes much more sense in its original version, but the bad translation is pretty entertaining. And I gotta admit – I like also to look at the trophy of the person.

2 Responses to Another sign that a sale is going to suck: Leprosy

  1. Funny – it makes me wonder what garage sales in Japan look like? I imagine people there being so efficient with their time, energy and space and not have humungous garages and basements loaded up with useless random junk.

    (I love bad translations!)

  2. retrojunkie says:

    Hi there.
    Thank you for featuring my blog!
    I live in Chicagoloand, so I know what it’s like to get to a did-i-just-waste-my-time-by-getting-out-of-my-car garage sale. I haven’t come across anyone so honest about bad garage sale, so I had to introduce your view on my blog.
    I love garage sale. People here enjoy garage sale like it’s their hobby. We find any reason to be outside during the short 3 months of sommer, garage sale seems a perfect opportunity. I lived in AZ before, they don’t have many garage sale(they will be scorched under 100F). Thrift stores were great place to shop.Iit’s totally opposite here in Midwest.

    I also added my view of “sign that a sale is going to suck ” in my blog.
    “sign is written on the ripped cardboard”
    “tiny letters only flea can read”
    “sign is tied to the electric pole. Everytime wind blows, the arrow points at different direction(pretty common in the Windy City)”
    “selling whole bunch of same thing…store inventory from 99cent store?”
    My blog is basically about showing my flea market, garage sale, estate sale finds.
    Althugh it’s not in English, you can enjoy the pictures.
    Oh, and I love bad translations too.