Friday vintage sale

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While in the process of getting the very last bit of our crap together for the sale, Jenny and I still managed to squeeze a quick stop at another sale on Friday afternoon.

This sale seemed a little dubious since the ad listed a lot of high-end vintage. Really, I donʼt mind paying good money for something that isn’t run of the mill junk. The flipside to that is I am not going to pay Antique Store prices for something that you just tossed out on the lawn. The sale was about 16 blocks from the part of town that we live in, so we figured what the hell, right?

Turns out that we knew the woman having the sale from going out to yard sales. For the few people we see at sales that we both think are complete assholes, we do see some people every few weeks or so that are usually really great to see out on a Saturday morning.

Even for going late in the afternoon, she still had tons of stuff. Most of it was nice, but since we both had been in purging mode we mostly chatted and looked at what she had. Jenny bought a purse and I picked up a pair of jeans and a 40’s striped decanter that I was bummed to discover had a chip on it when I got home and took the tape off the lid. I was happy about the jeans, so it all works out in the end.

Friday vintage sale: clothes

This is one of the first times that we took photos and the person knew why we took them.

Friday vintage sale: stuff

She came over to our sale on Saturday, proving once again that collecting stuff doesn’t stop just because you are trying to purge.

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  1. Great blog! Your pictures are delish and make me itch to go sale-ing.