Downsizing sale

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The original plan was to have a yard sale last Saturday. We even spent a couple of weeks planning all the details. Heck, I even spent an hour in my basement pricing items – something that I loathe doing and usually put off until the very last moment. Then it rained on Monday, on Tuesday, and again on Wednesday. Come Thursday it was time to have a “Come to Jesus” moment and get real about calling it off. After planning to have a yard sale and then having to cancel, it just made me more determined to go out and hit some sales.

We planned on meeting at 8:00 am, but I’m pretty sure that we didn’t make it into the car until 8:30. I am unable to remember the first two sales before we got to a sale that had been listed as “Downsizing Sale – From 3000 square feet to 40′ boat” – and they really weren’t kidding.

The house was amazing and it had a to-die-for view of the Puget Sound. We hit the back yard and it felt like a yard sale outside, but inside it felt like they still lived there and nothing was priced. None of us knew what was for sale and what wasn’t. It was a really wonderful house, but it felt like nothing was sale in the house, when in fact everything was for sale.

I found 7 wire locker room baskets for a buck each inside on a shelf. I purchased cosmetics, something that I sometimes feel is a good idea and sometimes the person skeeves me out and I don’t want anything touching me that the person used. She seemed nice (a.k.a. not gross) and it was nice stuff – Chanel and Bobbi Brown, mostly unused. Plus, I get in a frenzy of needing to grab stuff right away when I should use more common sense …

I grabbed a bunch of jewelry, some of it not my style, but I knew it was nice stuff. The one thing that I’m really into was a turquoise necklace with large beads. Something that I would never buy for full price, but for a buck – who cares! In her kitchen I picked up two Le Creuset Stoneware 2-quart pitchers, one in blue and one in red, for $5 each.

I will let Jenny talk about the books that we scored, but I am pretty stoked on my “Last of the Mohicans” hollow stash book. I spent $35.25 at the sale and we pretty much filled the car with that one sale.

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