Striking out in Oly Manor

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Once again both Jenny and Karl couldn’t do sales, but it was Olympic Manor sale day so there was no way I going to flake. I didn’t think to make a list, since Oly and the surrounding areas can usually take care of most of a morning. But this was not the case. I even called Jenny at 8:45 to belly-ache about the lack of sales. Oly Manor always has sales! They might not always be the best sales, but there are tons. This weekend? Like 15. Maybe 20.

This was one of the largest, being put on by the girl scouts.

Driveway full

At this sale, everything had “make offer” or “free” signs.

Make Offer

Along with a free fountain –- no, I didn’t go look at it!

Free! Fountain in back

After hitting a few more sales I thought I should just start heading out of there. I think I was 100% out by 9:20. Since I was too dumb to make a list, I just drove around, ending up back at the old lady hoarder sale from last week. They had pulled out a ton more stuff.

Oodles of stuff

Last week when I was on the phone with Karl he had asked if I had hit the crazy book seller house? Why no I hadn’t, but since it was already the second day of the sale, I wasn’t that interested. Oddly, I just ended up there after following some Estate Sale signs. WOW, was Karl not kidding about the books!

Crazy book sale #1

Crazy book sale #2

Crazy book sale #3

On every surface throughout the house, books and more books. Everything was old and oddly not all that crusty.

Crazy book sale #4

Crazy book sale #5

This was the second weekend and the book dealers and the University of Washington had already hit the sale. Karl did tell me that a book scanner left in disgust, since he “couldn’t scan” any of the books. Poor baby! I picked up a few things, mostly wacky lefty stuff from the 1960s.

Pretty slim pickings on the trunk photo, but at least you can see one of my best scores: a bell you can ring when it’s “time for another round”!

Junk In My Trunk 9-8-12

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