National Garage Sale Day

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Last night I dreamed that it was Saturday and I overslept by several hours, completely missing out on yard sales (and annoying Meghan). Seems extra-funny considering that apparently, the second Saturday in August — i.e., tomorrow — is “National Garage Sale Day”!

We were recently interviewed for an article which talks about this holiday, as well as other finer points of the yard sale experience. Here’s a snippet of the printed version (with our swanky bingo pic) — the full text can be found online here.

National Garage Sale Day article

Enjoy the article … and hope National Garage Sale Day treats you right.

4 Responses to National Garage Sale Day

  1. Rick says:

    Its nice to put faces to names…..not to mention the fact that you both are hot! Anytime you’re in Southern Indiana give me a holler, we gots lots of junk.

  2. Meghan says:

    Why, Um. Thanks!

  3. georgie says:

    Sue at VRS sent me to your blog. We live about two miles from you and have an annual yard sale every May. It was fun watching the video and recognizing most of the streets you were driving along! Anyway, we always have run ins with Annoying Jewelry guy. At the last sale he barged his way in about half an hour before the sale stared. He did his usual “Got any jewelry” (no) “How much is this?”He points to some anonymous item. When you tell him the price he angrily says the price is ridiculous and storms off. Another early bird recognized him, asked how he was doing and Mr. Annoying said he was doing awful. Without skipping a beat, other guy says that is great, see you around. Loved it!

  4. Rachel Lloyd says:

    Wow! Great job girls! You two are way too cute! Love your blog!