Owl art and scary clowns

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How do you get to the point where making owl art out of any possible material seems like a great idea?

Dried bean owl art

Really, dried beans? Hmmm. How about pinecones?

Pine cone owl art

These were at an estate sale we hit on Saturday. Along with many other questionable items.

Found a peanut

There was more out back …

Outdoor swinging chair

… including this terrifying pair of clowns.

Open-mouthed clowns

A friend of mine asked if they were clown glory holes. There’s a phrase I wish I’d never heard.

This sale was (obviously) not much of a winner, but Meghan did pick up a great pile of vintage sewing patterns. We’d also both grabbed some clothes, but had to put them back when it turned out they weren’t part of the “$2 unless marked” section after all. The people running the sale had used the worst price stickers ever — apparently our items had all been priced, but the stickers drifted away. (I did notice a bunch of $10-and-up price stickers scattered around the floor and walls.) I ended up buying a furry fuchsia hat (which truly was $2) and a demented-looking contraption: the Decoregger.


It wasn’t a big deal not to find much here, because we had both already gone a little nuts at a moving sale — we hadn’t seen an ad for it but were lured in by their jaunty signs.

Wet but jaunty sign

Yes, that is rain. Can we not talk about it? Seattle’s summer has been … challenging.

The sellers were a really nice couple who were moving to New York and had recently closed a home-decor type of store. They were selling a bunch of its groovy leftovers, at way-cheaper-than-retail (if still higher-than-your-average-moving-sale) prices.

Mysterious couple

Among the items: many rolls of unused wallpaper.

Wallpaper galore

This wasn’t vintage stuff — it was newer rolls from schmancy design companies like Ferm Living.

Yummy wallpaper

I love this kind of stuff (even though I have no practical need for it) and I knew that if I really started picking stuff up it could get bad. I kept circling around to the boxes, starting to look, then walking away. Eventually I gave in and bought a few of the smaller rolls with patterns I really loved. Meghan bought a few as well, plus a bunch of other miscellaneous items. As we drove away she realized she sort of wanted another roll and did something I don’t think we’ve done before: drove back to the sale and asked if she could do an exchange! They took back the storage boxes she’d purchased and let her have another roll instead.

Most of the other sales we hit were pretty blah. The only thing worth mentioning was that we got boxed in by a truck while trying to drive away from one sale and Meghan was inspired to sing a song to its driver (not that he could hear us): an upbeat little ditty with the lyrics, “It’s all about you — other people don’t matter!” I’m sorry there’s no audio of that gem.

Then at our last sale of the day, what did we find but the counterpart to last week’s “World’s Greatest Wife” mug!

World's Greatest Husband

It would be great if somehow those two end up together, but I sure don’t want them in my house.

All in all, we didn’t buy much, but we were pretty happy with what we got.

Junk In My Trunk 7-16-11

10 Responses to Owl art and scary clowns

  1. There’s actually already a clown mouth glory hole in Seattle at Pony!

  2. Jenny says:

    OMG! That is so fitting.

  3. Liz says:

    I dream of finding a phrenology head…it is my holy grail!

  4. Carolyn says:

    I love your blog so much! I laughed about the scanners–I have yet to see any in person though. I’m sad that the season is dwindling down. My hubby and I just scored big time at a church rummage sale this weekend, sorry yours was a bust. 🙂

  5. Melissa says:

    You got a phrenology head! I am soooooooo jealous!
    And I kinda like that pineapple dish in the thrid pic.

  6. Meghan says:

    Yes, the phrenology head — pretty cool, but honestly not as cool as the wall paper. I went back the next day and purchased 9 more rolls. I sort of lost my mind…

  7. Sally says:

    I totally want that chair! And the decoregger!!!! Please post pictures of your finished decorated eggs.

  8. Dave says:

    those clowns are an old set of a bean bag toss game for a local school or church fair or such! if they had the bean bags with them I would have grabbed them in a minute! they fold down into a triangle stand…

  9. Em says:

    That wallpaper looks really cool.


  10. Jana says:

    I too dream of finding a phrenology head. Supercool. My friend went to a garage sale today and they didn’t have a lot, but one thing they did have was a taxidermy two headed calf that died at birth. Sort of a conjoined thing. It was very old and incredibly creepy. They wanted $400.00 for it. It is the front runner for worstt sale item EVER! Love your site, it is like my yard sale heroin. I can’t go to a sale but I can go along with you!