Help Yourself to Life (or Stuff)

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Last Wednesday, Jenny sent me an email saying “Hot Thursday Action” — how often do you get to go to an estate sale on Thursday? In the Seattle area, never.

The house was listed as “Sale in 7-bedroom house & it’s packed!” I wasn’t able to go right at the start, but ended up in waiting line forever. Just when I’m about to make it to the porch, Karl appears (cutting 12 people in the line) and me saying “Thank god you showed up when you did. I have been holding your spot forever!”

The house was packed, but oddly. Tons of clothing, but all of it sort of boho hippie or full on Brady 1970s. The woman shopped. It’s a 7 bedroom house and they only had one kid. She also wrote poetry. I guess TONS of really bad poetry that filled drawers and drawers.

Boxes of wallpaper, boxes of flash lights.


Religious books mixed with 50 books about astrology. Poetry books damaged by underlining in pen.

Astrology and Numerology

13 staplers?

Scissors and staplers

Hair color from decades ago? That can’t really work very well, right?

Hair dyes of yesteryear

Honestly, there is just a point when this has to stop.



Paperback exposes

What about this poster of two men praying for this girl?

Save this child

Oh yes, I bought that.

Or one or our favorite items — this card. Just in case you want to call the number, but it’s disconnected. We tried …


I did think this cocktail-shaker perfume bottle was cute.

Five O'Clock

And their kitchen linoleum was super cool.

Groovy linoleum

She also had some amazing go-go boots (sadly not my size) and apparently got into knitting in her later years.

Conjured Up by Grandma Witch

It was really a pretty nutty sale and we heard there is even more that hasn’t been brought up from the basement yet. Eek!

9 Responses to Help Yourself to Life (or Stuff)

  1. Into Vintage says:

    That photo looks like a rough draft for the Exorcist movie poster. Combined with the Grandma Witch label … sounds a little sinister.

  2. Abbie Grotke says:

    What an assortment! I like how she clearly she followed directions to “save this number!” I am dying to know what those changing messages were.

  3. DivaJean says:

    I think I’d keep going back to that sale, if they still had stuff to bring up. I’d be too interested in wondering what other crazy stuff they’d find to sell- or what I missed the first time.

  4. Pinky says:

    Man, you are totally freaking me out. I just got rid of some serioius breast cancer and all I could think of when my life was hanging in the balance was that I could go at any time and leave all my crap behind, much like this lady. It gave me an urge to purge like crazy. How could anybody save all that? Don’t you think they would just spiritually suffocate? I can’t even bear newspapers older than a week now, lol. Just one more good reason to get rid of stuff. Just looking at those pics made me want to clean out my already pretty cleaned-out house just in case…

  5. Pinky says:

    PS: I forgot to mention that I write lousy poetry, too. And underline things in books. How future embarassing!

  6. DivaJean says:

    I’m with you Pinky. It is why I burned all my old diaries/journals. Future generations do not need to know my 9th grade boyfriend told me he could only love me so much- but never as much as Barbra Streisand.

  7. Pinky says:

    DivaJean, did your boyfriend REALLY say that to you? LOL!!! Do you look like La Streistand? All blows to ego aside, it would be wonderful to have known somebody back in the day who thought she was beautiful, instead of their worshipping at the trough of the Cheryl Teigs/Cybill Sheppard school of beauty. (I favored La Streistand heavily when I had pre-cancer hair. Now I look like an aging Harpo Marx)

    I agree, I don’t want anybody knowing all that stuff about me, neither, shure ’nuff.

    This reminds me to get rid of all my old bras, too. There’s no time (in my case, much closer to true, lol) like the present!!

  8. Meghan says:

    all of your comments are cracking me up, since the whole point of this blog is about what is left behind or what is someone getting rid of and why.

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