Elvis is my dojo

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Friday morning = RAIN. I am not sure how almost every single Friday morning for the entire summer has turned rainy, but it’s sort of been making me crazy.

Two sales listed had been listed as estate sales. That’s great once you are in the house, but standing in the rain listening to people belly-ache is sort of a bummer.

So, I drove to one sale and the line was so long that I thought I would hit the other one about 30 blocks away. Major bust.

When I drove back to the other sale I was #65 in line. This isn’t my day.

This sale was listed as some crazy artists sale and the folks coming out kept saying stuff like “it’s crazy in there” or “so much stuff.” When I did make it to the porch, the sign said just about everything you would want to know. Or at least #5 did – EEEK!

Please read before entering

The house was packed and it was good stuff, but what really struck me was the guy’s love affair with Elvis and Karate. Elvis trained in the ’70s in Memphis, TN. You have to assume that this and Bruce Lee had a huge impact on many people, but an adult man with Elvis posters … it’s not great, right?

Double Elvis

There were tons of books about ninjas and tons of martial arts magazines.

Books and knicknacks

He had a karate sign.

Karate and drawers

A black and while Bruce Lee painting (that I can only assume he painted).

Dots on face

And a poster of Mount St. Helens. Classy.

Volcano and girl

I hit one other sale on the way home — nothing too crazy. I loved these new old stock fences.

Fold a Fence

But the best was this sign letting you know how long someone lived in the house. Um, thanks!

Since 1947

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