Free pile, smile

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O.K., so we haven’t blogged for almost three weeks in the middle of summer. Well, I am a married woman now and Jenny took off mere moments after the wedding to head off to Europe. So, now we are catching up on a back-log of blog posts. Anyone that knows me know that I hate blogging two weeks after the fact, but here we go.

Behind these trees

Karl was unable to get to my house until almost 9, so I just took off on my own and hit this very strange sale with revolutionary books and this huge free pile.

Free pile

I really love the idea of a yard sale sign that tells you to smile.

Under tree

Honestly the whole day was already looking bad from our lists and we hadn’t even started. And that kept on going for the whole day. We hit one crappy sale …

Backyard tables

… after another crappy sale.

Stream of stuff

Karl and I both belly-ached about how badly it was going for most of the day. Then we hit an area that had this huge rock. I mean it’s HUGE. You can tell how gigantic it is, no?

Very large rock

As we walk to the sale we see the Snoopy Psychiatric Advice tent.

Lemonade stand

Karl gave the kid 10 cents and asked if he should go to the gym or go play tennis. The answer? “Whatever you want to do.” Even his parents laughed at this bogus advice.

Then we randomly hit an estate sale that had what I can only describe as the scariest crawl space filled with stuff.

Box explosion

It was probably about 350 square feet, and jam packed. There was other stuff in the house too (like the portrait below) but that crawl space was too much.


Our very last sale had this amazing sign with the barefoot bandit.

Barefoot Bandit Yard Sale

We worked out right away that it was a sale we’d hit last year (from the photo at the top of this post). The sign made up for the sale being just “eh”.

Not the best day ever, but we did somehow manage to pick up a few things.

Junk In My Trunk 7-31-10

9 Responses to Free pile, smile

  1. I swear you could pick up those yard sales, put them smack in the middle of my territory in Al-uh-bam-uh and nobody would ever know the difference. So typical of our yard sales.

  2. Jane says:

    Congratulations on your wedding.

    That poor little girl, to have such a freaky portrait!

  3. Holly says:

    Yes, congratulations on your marriage!! I love the lemonade/therapy stand.

  4. Bethany says:

    Congratulations on getting married!

  5. Karen in Tacoma says:

    Congratulations and best wishes to you, Meghan, and your new hubby!

    Unfortunately most sales are not winners. At the end of yard sale season I look back to whatever I thought was the killer sale of the season and, sadly, haven’t seen a killer sale this season yet. But there’s still hope 🙂

    I was wondering, do you ever get “buyer’s remorse” after yard sale-ing?

  6. Meghan says:

    Thanks. I does give us a tiny excuse for lack of posting. I don’t think this year has been as great as past years. Not sure why. Economy, maybe?
    Eh, buyers remorse? not really. If i was dumb enough to buy something, then someone can just buy it at my next yard sale.

  7. Melissa says:

    Congrats on your wedding! Wishing you many years of happiness. We’re going on 38 (OMG, am I that old? Not possible.)

    This has been a summer of iffy sales. It’s like people are just throwing out any old crap and hoping somebody buys it, and putting the rest on E-Bay. I have only found ONE decent piece of Pyrex lately, the first in months. Better luck to you next weekend!

  8. DogsMom says:

    Congratulations to you!
    I couldn’t help it, all the pictures sucked me in and I glanced at a lot of your blog. That Gr/W cat on the blanikets from the June sale used to live in my backyard. I wondered where he had gone to. Unfortunately I can usually find “something” to bring home from almost any sale unless the sellers are jerks or prices are ridiculous. Some of those places did not even look safe! Those prices had to be really low to entice me in. (Where has my sense of adventure gone?)

  9. meredith says:

    the free piles at yard sales ALWAYS make me smile. having a sign telling me to would just make it even better! oh man, now i want to go to a yard sale and have some lemonade …. 🙂