Earrings of the ’80s: happy and plaid

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Okay. Confession time. I still own clothing that I had in high school (although it’s all vintage finds from my teen thrifting days). I also have records and books from before high school. This might qualify me a little crazy. But as kooky as my collecting can be, I would never have held onto a pierced earrings catalog from Fall-Winter 1986.

Pierced Earrings, Fall-Winter 1986

Why would you keep this around for so long? Well, someone did … until last year, when I found it at a yard sale.

The Crown Collection by ADCO — Created by Rhonda Jennings. (I googled the crap out of that in many, many combinations.) In the opener Rhonda explains that this is the most dazzling collection she’s ever come up with. She also uses not just “P.S.,” but also “P.P.S.” Haven’t seen that one in a while.

The most amazing thing are the names of some of the collections …

For Happy Days. (Um, you mean when you come out to your parents?)

For Happy Days

Plaid Pizzazz. (I would have loved these in 1983, but by 1986? No.)

Plaid Pizzazz

Soap Opera Favorites. (Um. What?)

Soap Opera Favorites

Your Favorite Symbols. (Class of ’90! WOOT!)

Your Favorite Symbols

Some others (I shit you not) are Gleaming Glamor, Look of Success, Pastel Power, and my personal favorite: Bits of Whimsy.

The kicker? Rhonda also published two books in response to the many, many requests she received from customers (or so she claims): “Looking Good On The Job” and “What Color Can Do for You.” I wonder how many copies of those are still lurking around? Seems like something that will probably show up on Awful Library Books at some point.

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