Creepy doll shakedown

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Last Sunday I saw an estate sale about ten blocks from my house, so I thought I would pop in and just take a look around. We hadn’t hit any sales on Saturday and I was feeling pretty good about that. But I was driving by, no line, and parking in front of the house. Why not?

The house was packed and I was a little surprised, I found some vintage patterns and ended up purchasing around 50 patterns at 50 cents each. When I was ringing up, I asked about any clothing she might have made and they said they could pull a few items out for me. I bought two dresses from the 1930s for $6. They told me to come back next week, since they would have more items. I thought maybe they were bringing stuff in from other sales, but they explained that they’d had to take a lot of the original stuff out of the house just to make room!

Friday they posted an ad with some photos. In a big jumble on a table I spied a Little Miss No Name – the 1965 doll with a tear drop and burlap dress. About ten years ago I had one, but I ended up selling it on eBay, since it really is super creepy. Anyway, I wanted to be first in line and buy her.

The plan? Meet at my house at (ouch) 7:45 AM and go get numbers. We had to wait around for a while and Karl entertained us by recounting the time that a guy who was standing a few feet ahead us threatened to punch him at a thrift store. (Karl retaliated by calling the guy a dildo.) We end up being #13, 14 and 15.

Estate sale lineup

We now had about an hour to kill until the sale opened up. We stopped for cash and baked goods, then hit a couple of sales that had started already. These were unremarkable except for Karl buying an enormous pair of mounted horns that barely fit into the car. Then back to the estate sale where folks were lining up (by number) in anticipation.

The doll? She was priced at $60 and was snatched up by one of the first few ladies at the sale. Well, easy come, easy go. I figure it couldn’t hurt to just go up to her and very nicely say “hey, if you don’t end up buying the doll could you let me know, since I would love to purchase her.” Seems reasonable enough, no?

I went upstairs and it didn’t really seem like all that much was new, but I did score another large stack of patterns. Then I made the rounds downstairs, but didn’t find anything there.

Kitchen table

As I was heading over to check on Karl and Jenny, the friend of the woman who had the doll came over to me and very quietly said in my ear: “Do you want the doll? Ten dollars.” What? Are you fucking kidding me? You want me to pay you a finder’s fee of $10, so I can pay $60 for the doll? Fuck off!

Karl didn’t seem that shocked when I told him what happened, but I have never had this happen to me. You either want the item or you don’t. In the end I did get the doll after they put her back down. Of course now that I have her, she is super creepy.

Next, we hit another estate sale. This one was a little oddball. Tons of planters upstairs, but I am not paying $20 for a small Bauer pot. There were a lot of kitschy vintage items, like some large Keane prints (which sold soon after we got there) and this inflatable Inky Dinky.

I'm Inky Dinky

Upstairs in one of the bedrooms I ran into the same two ladies who tried to shake me down at the last sale. Great! I pulled down a framed poem about the woman and her dog from the wall, and then in the next room I found the photo of the dog.

Tribute to a Dog Lady

On another wall I spotted a framed calligraphy copy of the lyrics to The Rose. You are kidding me, right?

The Rose

Jenny told me to go look in the basement where she had a ton of old booze bottles. We found her Substance Abuse Professional paperwork from 1987 inside a box of them.

Substance Abuse Professional

She had also filled up some old booze bottles with colored water.

Bottles of color

Then I found the camping, or maybe survival supplies. Like a whole box of pre-packaged water which expired in 2004?

Emergency Purified Drinking Water

After that we hit what Jenny thought might be the craft sale from last year, where I purchased the Crafts for Retarded book. We thought it might be upstairs in their apartment building and felt foolish when it turned out to be outside, but around the corner.

Crafty sale

Jenny bought a few t-shirts but sadly, not this one (way too small for any of us).

White People Are Crazy

We made a couple more stops sales after this: a couple of them were drive-bys (one was a repeat from two weeks ago, one just looked bad) and one was a fundraising sale for “a friend who needed to make rent” that we later found written up in a neighborhood blog. Karl had to knock off at 11 and I sort of wanted to keep going, but Jenny was ready to bail too so we decided to call it a day.

Junk In My Trunk 3-20-10

10 Responses to Creepy doll shakedown

  1. colleen says:

    Wow. That doll is scary as shit. You could write a screenplay about that thing and make millions.

    And, by husband who is from WA and used to work at a rehab, LOVED that photo of the certificate & bottles.

  2. sue says:

    YAY! Your season is baaaack. I cannot believe they tried to shake you down. I just might steal that tactic however. And you should’ve bought the t-shirt and framed it. Glad to see y’all in fighting form….

  3. Grunge-Queen says:

    Wow, a doll maker with a social conscience? That just seems like the biggest paradox, and way weird considering how freaky looking the doll is ….

  4. Leah says:

    horn = super sweet

    doll = super scary. sell it.

    your stories = super good funny

  5. Melissa says:

    I spy a cool aqua stand mixer in your kitchen photo. And WHAT are those ginormous yellow satin panties all about??!

    I think that creepy doll needs to be locked in a closet with Karl’s haunted record albums.

  6. Sarah says:

    So is it “Tribute to a Dog: Lady” or “Tribute to a Dog-lady”? I really must know. And I’d like a back-story on the kind of relationships the author of that lovely bit of prose must have had with the human beings in her life to make her rhapsodize about her dog to that degree. (Yes, I squinted hard and read every word of the Tribute.)

  7. Jenny says:

    Hmmm. I’d read it as a tribute to a “Dog Lady.” But now that you mention it, the dog being named “Lady” just might make more sense …

  8. meghan says:

    wow… I didn’t catch at all. Smart cookie.

  9. melliff says:

    The yellow underwear ( or are they trunks) is just over the edge…I love the first of the garage sales…only crazies brave the cold to see used stuff…how much was that blow up doll…

  10. I totally think I was at that estate sale… 🙂 I’m getting *really* tired of the over-priced estate sales around Seattle recently.