Vintage scores, Bakelite heartbreak

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Last Friday I hit four sales and filled the trunk, but since we have been in the middle of a freak Seattle heatwave, I haven’t been in the mood to blog … or really do anything. It was good sale-wise, but maybe not all that blogworthy anyhow.

I might have been feeling that way again when I headed out today, since I didn’t even bring my camera.

Karl arrived and I handed him a list of sales and let him pick which ones we should hit, since he had to go to work after sales.

Ehg. The annual no-side-walk-land Dibble Street Block sale. Blocked this sale from my mind, but the second we drove down the street I remembered how bad this was last year. I hate people that save all the stuff (like an entire garage full) from their last sale, then put it out again. Both Jenny and I have been known to hang on to a box or two of really good items, but that’s it — the rest is dumped at Goodwill. You know the kind of sale I mean, right? Every single item was at their sale last year!

A few of the sales were a little better. I made Karl buy the Bowie coke mirror that you can see in the trunk, and he picked up a couple CDs, but the block sale was a dud.

Since Karl was in charge of the list, I didn’t know which sale was next. In fact I belly-ached when Karl said it had started at 8:00 am. Man, I wish we would have been at this sale at 8:00. There was tons of vintage, and nice vintage at that. TONS.

Row of jackets

I started picking stuff and stacking it and trying to work out having everything held, so I could go get more cash. Then Karl said he could lend me money. I found three vintage swim suits, in normal sizes. I asked if she would take a couple of dollars off one of them, due to damage. The seller then told me that “two girls had called her saying that they wanted to buy all of the vintage.” Humph. I am here right now. Where are these mystery girls that are off at some other sale?!

The seller didn’t bother me, but the idea that some girls are out emailing folks on craigslist to make sure they get whatever they want … Bad Sale Karma.

In the end I spent $140 and I could have spent way, way more. She had clothing, dishes, picture frames, linens. I wished I had my camera. I really wanted to ask her if she had any Bakelite jewelry, but decided against it, since I figured she would have had the items in the sale if she wanted to sell them. And I was already carting away three bags of stuff.

The only thing that I really wanted to buy that I didn’t was this painting of the girl with the mask on.

Portraits on fence

How great is that? It isn’t something that my guy is going to be cool with, and I guess her husband was creeped out by it too. She did have a lot of paintings and framed pictures for sale.

Art in boxes

After we drove back home and I took a photo of the trunk, I drove back to get some photos and also to write down her blog. She seemed a little bummed that I was only taking photos now, when a lot of stuff was already gone.

I took a photo of the remaining state glasses — I purchased 9 or 10 of them.

Vintage state glassware

The last of the clothing. The lamp shades are great, but I am not allowed to buy any more, since I have three or four of them squirrelled away without lamps to mate with.

Lampshades, clothes, and more

We started chatting and I asked her if the two girls had come to buy all the vintage. I had guessed they didn’t, since most of the clothing was still there. She said that they did come and had purchased her Bakelite-handled purses and some jewelry. My heart just sank as I explained that is what I collect.

She did end up telling me about her blog and how she mostly sells very high end wedding and estate jewelry.

I managed to buy one more bag of stuff and was able to take a few photos … and two of the bathing suits fit me perfect!

Junk In My Trunk 7-31-09

16 Responses to Vintage scores, Bakelite heartbreak

  1. dave says:

    i love this blog. one of my readers sent me a link, and i’m floored. i mainly cover thrift stores in the memphis tn area – i find some good stuff and i write when i can, but you guys have it elevated to an art form. makes me think i should get back into yard sales myself. haven’t had time to read through the archives yet, but i guess the most obvious question is where the hell do you PUT all this stuff?

  2. Marty says:

    hi, i really love your blog i look forward to your updates..

    i was just wondering how do you store all of this stuff, do you
    put it all on display? i would love to see all the stuff together
    one day as a series of fotos..

    im a collector and dig this stuff….

  3. Marty says:

    haha, wow i should have read daves comment first, he asked the same question!

  4. Meghan says:

    Jenny wrote about this exact thing in this post here. At the moment my dining room looks like a vintage clothing store hit it, but that is mostly getting stuff hand washed or in the washer, seeing what fits or needs repair or is past repair. A few items from yesterday are already in my next garage sale pile.

  5. Karen says:

    I would have DIED if I happened upon that sale! I found one a few weeks ago (Oakland, CA) and got some great vintage, but this one looks AMAZING!

    I love your blog — it’s so inspiring, funny, and when I can’t get out on Saturday mornings I get to live vicariously. Thanks so much!!!

  6. Wow, what a sale. Shame about the Bakelite, but never you mind, there is more to be found. I cannot believe you didn’t pick up that great pink lampshade – what a beauty! But what is the pink cloud of Wow in the trunk? And the sequins? Please share!

  7. meghan says:

    I 100% not allowed to buy any lamp shades.

    Pink Jr. Prom dress for $10.

  8. isabell Williams says:

    WOW no shit this was the best sale that we have hit, pick up a painting for $1.00
    of a rose by neece clark. I didnt see the painting of the girl with the mask must of missed that one( would have bought that one instead!) LOved the gal at the sale she said she just sold her favorite 1940’s-50’s 2a very cool chick! Must of been you! Did you notice the garden?

  9. Cindy says:

    You are so lucky to have such amazing yard sales! Most of the sales in East TN consist of Nascar collectibles, dried floral arrangements and unopened Pepsi bottles. Finding a sale like the one above would be a dream come true for me!

  10. Meghan says:

    I was in memphis not too long ago, but I didn’t know what the sales would be like…

  11. Meghan says:

    isabell, I don’t remember much being a buck, but overall it was a great sale and honestly I am willing to pay just about anything for a bathing suit that doesn’t make me want to kill myself.

  12. Brooke says:

    Gah, I’d die to go to a sale at Lorie’s house. She is the most stylish person ever – she has cases at Pacific Galleries antique mall that are next level amazing; people from Martha Stewart have interviewed her and taken photos and shit. I love this blog, thanks for doing it.

  13. Isabell says:

    Meghan, I just got back from NY and this wonderful boutique with loads of insane things had some vintage swim suites from the 40’s that were selling for 500.00 bucks I thought of you what a great steal you found when you bought yours. I cant say that I have had the same luck with good investments from Garage Sales. That painting that I bought that day for $1.oo of Neece Clark eek just a wantabeee. Tying to rip off Georgia o’ Keefe after looking her. Bad Art read this article Pigeons trained to recongnize bad art. There was Pigeon shit on the painting it was a sign. You have a talent for finding the gem, ever tried your hand at picking stocks . Oh P.P. when ya going to open your own shop.

  14. meghan says:

    Thanks Isabell!
    $500 for a suit in insane and looking at Ebay most don’t go to even close to that for the total special “Hollywood” swimsuit. I have a great plaid 40s one that i love, but it’s had a long life. Few more years left in it.

  15. Lorie says:

    Meghan, your a hoot! I just found your blog and love it. Your welcome any time at any sale of mine. My mom & aunt loved your style too. I have some other bakelite items that I had in storage that I would love for you to see I”ll try to send you some photo’s at the end of the week, we are right in the middle of moving so its a beit crazy. “Your Name Is All over these!”
    Oh I must mention this, that painting that your friend bought by Neece Clark was a horrable error that it even got into the garage sale. My mother is still in the dog house for that. ” I Loved it and even hired her to paint in my bathroom she is a very talented local artist and her work sells for thousands of dollars and would buy it back in a heart beat! Isabell yes you have a great eye for an investment too, keep an eye on Neece Clark work. This kind of error can start a battle of snarky anonymous comments that can hurt people that are working hard at what they love. Any way Meghan keep in touch. Oh P.S. the question has been asked WHen are you going to open a shop!