November rock and roll

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Over the past three weekends I have been to a total of one sale. Which is fine — I have had other things going on and I haven’t really been in the mood to hit sales anyway. Truth be told, I am enjoying it being the off season! In any case, the one I ended up at wasn’t just any old sale … it was a ROCK & ROLL sale.

Rock N Roll Sale

The ad said it was a moving sale from someone who’d worked at a local radio station for decades and was selling records, books, and more, saying that if it had anything to do with rock music it was probably there. I also remember it saying something about not disturbing the occupant and how he was a bit of a packrat, so I assumed the sale was run by outside professionals, but it turned out to be the guy selling his own stuff.

Boxes of records

There were records galore, but at $5 each I wasn’t going to go crazy. There were plenty of magazines too, both pornographic and otherwise.

Records, tapes, and girlie mags

In another room were a few t-shirts (cool, but kinda pricey), musical equipment and tons of books. Mostly of the rock variety but with some other stuff mixed in.

Rock T-shirts

The seller was nice and seemed to be completely at peace with shedding what seemed to be years and years worth of collected items. I am sure he kept a few choice items for himself, but all in all I got the vibe that at one time he’d cherished these things, but now they were just excess baggage that didn’t have the meaning they once had for him.

Boxes of magazines

My husband picked up a few records and I bought some wacky pins. Of course I called the Record Squirrel and told him to check it out. He came the next day when prices were slashed and grabbed a bunch of stuff. For November, where there’s not much out there, at least it was more interesting than your typical moving sale.

And that may just be the last sale I hit before the new year … but we still have some blog fodder comin’ at ya! Meghan’s been traveling and has some field notes, and we both have a couple of book reports on the horizon … posts may be continue to be on the infrequent side around here, but I think blog posts are kinda like stuff found at yard sales: quality is way more important than quantity.

5 Responses to November rock and roll

  1. Meghan says:

    I would have purchased the WKRP shirt…

  2. Wanda says:

    Isn’t it funny that we love to go to the sales and don’t want to miss any, but welcome the winter break? We don’t get much of a break here with mild winters, but I find myself not going out as much anyway.

  3. I want to use your 70s Swiss Colony photos on my blog, THE SURFING PIZZA. I will send credit your way, anything you would like me to link to?

  4. rose tyler says:

    i have an addiction to yard sale t -shirts for a quarter. my whole closet is full of them. i’ve spent over 50 dollars in quarters on yard sale shirts….it’s very addicting…and hard not to buy clothes at a garage sale. o_0

  5. becky says:

    I want that WKRP shirt SO badly. I do own a copy of Loni Anderson: My Life in High Heels, picked up for a few bucks in a junk store.