Amazing Sunday sale

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Both Jenny and I really don’t hit up sales on Sunday very often. If I am out driving and I see something good, I’ll stop. Most of the time it seems like it’s just a Saturday sale that had the “Sat.” crossed out on the sign with a Sharpie. These usually aren’t worth it — I mean, how much good stuff can a person have for a two day yard sale?

Anyway, last Sunday around 11:30 Karl called me saying very quietly into the phone, “I am at this really amazing sale that has tons of great vintage clothing. I think you should come over here.” Over here, being the other side of town. He had just stumbled upon the sale while meeting a friend for coffee. Get the address, start heading over.

Okay. Karl calls back about 10 minutes later. “A woman came and bought a ton of stuff, but I still think it’s worthy.” All I can say is, “Karl, you are there. Why aren’t you buying this stuff?” Keep driving.

This sale was UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE. First thing I see is a gray marbled 1950’s plastic purse for $20. WTF? She has tons of great stuff and she is cool.

Gray marbled plastic box purse

Here is the thing I don’t understand — she had this sale on Saturday and she still had amazing stuff. Karl had a huge pile going and all he could say was, “What happened here yesterday?”

I know this photo doesn’t really do it justice, but I spent $80.

Moving sale haul

  • 2 ’50s blouses
  • ’50s beaded purse with grapes one it. She told me some crazy story about about how it was once Glenn Close’s purse.
  • 1 black ’40s rayon jacket
  • 2 pairs of nice jeans in my size
  • 1 Ella Moss skirt
  • 2 heavy beaded sweaters
  • The ’50s plastic box purse
  • Insane white I.Magnin mod lace dress
  • A couple of shirts
  • 4 books

Karl got some rock t-shirts, a couple western shirts, 25 CDs, a Swiss Army watch, a great vintage silk ladies’ evening coat from Saks Fifth Avenue, and a bunch of other stuff.

I still can’t believe how good that sale was.

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