Cat overload

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I made a quick stop at a senior center’s annual rummage sale today. It has been pretty bad every time I’ve gone (over the past 5 or 6 years) so I’m not sure why I bothered, but there is something about junking that breeds unjustified optimism in spite of all evidence to the contrary, no?

Anyway, I found nothing I wanted. But I did get a little taste of what happens when your cat figurine collection gets way out of control.

Cat overload

Pretty insane, right? But that wasn’t all of it …

More cat overload

Most of them were small and relatively unobtrusive (except for the fact that there were like 4,000 of them), but I was so stunned by the shocking awfulness of this larger specimen that I had to take a picture of it.

Startled pooping cat

I would venture to say that the odds of more than a handful of these cats getting purchased are extremely low.

Maybe next year I will get smart and just skip this sale …

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