Sweaters 78 cents, handguns not allowed

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New Life Thrift

A few weeks ago I went back to Omaha for a reunion. Unlike my last visit, I was pretty limited on time for getting in some solid thrifting. I made sure I had a chance to hit up one of my favorite old haunts. I wrote about the greatness that is New Life Thrift a while back, and it’s still amazing.

Before I even walked in the door, I noticed this sign in the window.

Sweaters 78 cents, handguns not allowed

I thought it was really strange that they would need to have a no guns sign in the window. Why? Well, turns out Omaha has a change in the concealed weapons permit law. What little I was able to gather is that if you don’t want someone to come into your place of business with a concealed weapon, you have to post something on your front door.

The first song I hear when I walk in is the Standells “Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White” — is this the best thrift store in the world or what?

Cash register and window display

As always the place has tons of clothing, most of it priced in the $2 to $3 range (with mark-it wax pens and two staples) and often marked down to prices like 60 cents.

Row of dresses

I was pretty restrained this time since I didn’t have much room to bring anything home, but I did pick up a few choice items.

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