Two out of three

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Last Saturday we hit three sales total and it was a great day. Sounds strange, but quality over quality turned out to be true for us this time.

The first sale was a moving sale indoors and they had tons of stuff. I was little concerned when I saw some antique mall price tags on many items (not a good sign), but everything was cheap and what was super great was the amount of paper (ephemera) in this one room.

More paper/ephemera

I tried to get photos from both angles and they really don’t do it justice.

Paper/ephemera room

It was a small room and there was still a lot of empty space, but there were stacks and boxes of all kinds of stuff to dig through. Old magazines, games, kids books, Broadway show programs, corporate literature, sheet music – you name it. We spent about an hour at this one sale, mostly in this room.

A couple of my favorite odd items: This photo of the pigs …

Artsy suckling pigs photo

… and the breeding hamsters for profit magazine. Nice.

Profitable Hobbies

The next one was a total dud. A driveway sale with baby crap and expensive clothes ($20 for jeans is insane) and a used breast milk pump. (eeeu. gross)

Boring yard sale

The last one of the day turned out to be great. Tons of clothes for $1 each (and Jenny picked up a few cool kid things), and it was a really fun sale in a great part of town.

All in all a great day!

Junk In My Trunk, 4-5-08

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