Sioux Falls thrift shops on Halloween

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Video Surveillance

While I was in Iowa we took an afternoon and drove to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Since I had never been there before we only went to thrift stores that we just happened by.

Since it was Halloween, some of the workers at the Goodwill had dressed up. One gentleman let me take this photo of him in his traditional Pow Wow outfit, with his Goodwill vest over it. He was a good sport.

Goodwill worker in pow-wow outfit

Since I had never gone thrifting on Halloween before, I had no idea how many people go to thrift stores very late in the day to get costumes. It’s almost 5:00 p.m. and now you are looking for a costume?

The thrift stores in Sioux Falls are pretty good. I picked up a three-piece 50’s sweater dress, a skirt, and a few other items. The thought of having to mail items back home kept me pretty sane in my purchases, but Sioux Falls Thrift shops are worth a look if you find yourself here.

Mutated thrift store mannequins

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  1. Wanda says:

    Hehe. That first picture is a hoot! We’re being watched by Teddy bears and Jesus. The Indian is pretty good, too.