Waco, Texas — World’s Largest Collectible Dog Museum

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While in Texas we spent three days in Dallas. On Friday and Saturday I made plans to try and hit some yard sales, or at the very least some thrift stores. Both days we had drank a little too much the night before and just couldn’t get going in the morning. In fact on Saturday we didn’t leave the house until noon. So, is Dallas a bust? I have no friggin’ idea.

On the three hour drive back to Austin we talked about trying to stop in Waco, but we thought it might be too bible-thumper. Then we saw the sign: Antique Mall and Free Dog Collectibles Museum.

Free dog collectibles museum

The antique mall itself was all right, but when you are faced with bringing items home in your suitcase that is already bulging … I didn’t buy a single item.

Dog museum entrance

The dog museum was pretty cool with over 7000 items — many of them I would have loved to own.

Shelf of dogs

Cabinet of dogs

Dog stuff

Happy dog

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