Gay-Rage Sale

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Our pal Karl is another of our occasional special guest stars. We almost had to cut him off a couple years ago after he dished out some ludicrously inappropriate remarks, but he made up for it with his bestest behavior, so he’s back in the band. Scheduling difficulties have prevented him from riding along with us so far this year, but he was kind enough to send us this photo and report from last Saturday …

going to a variety of sales last week and hitting nothing but tupperware, “antiques”, incredibly ugly clothes and an array of crap that had me feeling as though I would be much better off back in bed or just doing ANYTHING else. driving back to my pad after hitting mt. baker, leschi and madrona i see this sign you see………….

Gay-Rage Sale

….. and i have a theory. gays have the best and the worst sales. when they are good, they are off the grid and when they are bad, they are beyond bad – nothing in between. this sign told me good will happen so off i went with dreams of some real sweet guys selling all kinds of great records, clothes and other sundries. well, i was right but much of it was already picked by one guy who literally was filling up his truck with a bike (which I most certainly would have wanted), stereo gear, books, cd’s and what appeared to be a 35mm camera. so i don’t get too tangential, this guy buying all this stuff had the stupidest look on his face too…like he just hit the lottery and maybe he did but it bothered me. I recall saying to one of the guys having the sale that he was so happy that he was going to treat himself to some KFC after leaving … after all, it was 9:30 AM. Laughter ensued. OK, so I did come away with some loot at the GAY RAGE sale and got me a box of forty-fives in a carrier box which was one of the proprietor’s mom’s from the 5t’s and I also got some great cd’s all for fifteen dollars. The sign said it all but there was more GAY than RAGE – but all in all, a great sign and some really nice guys.

Thanks Karl!

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