Saturday sales: the second half

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This Saturday is one of the first times that I felt like there was a first half and a second half of going to sales. The first part of the morning was Jenny, Leslie and I going to sales as normal, and nothing really remarkable happened. Then around 11:20 we dropped Jenny off and the sales took a turn to the Bizarre. Jenny already wrote about the first half, so here is my re-cap of the second half.

First, I had a minor road rage moment where some guy in a big SUV made this couple almost back into me. I wagged my finger to him to GET OFF THE PHONE and he flipped me off.

We drove to one sale where I wasn’t even sure if we should get out of the car. Leslie made a comment like “everything looks really crappy” but she meant it in a crappy = interesting sort of way. It just felt like we started to hit more odd-ball sales.

The next one was a house that I usually think is having a sale, since she has so much garden shit in her yard that it looks like she is having a sale (out of the corner of your eye).This time she really was having a sale and it looked like every free item ever from Craig’s List had landed in her living room. Horrible.

We spent almost an hour at an Estate Sale that at first frightened us and then started to fascinate us. First off, the gate to enter the yard was super creepy. If you have been looking for a creaky sound effect of the scary variety, I found it. In fact I opened and shut the gate three times just to hear it. As we walked in you could tell that some serious smoking and drinking had gone on in this house.

I found a 1970s Play-Mate Of The Year nudie puzzle (that I am currently putting together on my kitchen table) and then a minute late Leslie found the ultimate chubby-chaser puzzle, Bridget!

Lifesize! Bridget Jigsaw Puzzle

We headed into the basement and started to find boxes of photos and I noticed that a few of the photos are folks hanging out at The Tin Hat (a bar about 11 blocks away), which is now more of a punk rock bar, but has been a local Ballard tradition for years. In the ’70s the basement had been turned into a small apartment, but it looked like no one had lived down there for the last 25 years.

Leslie left me alone in the basement and I started to get creeped out, so I grabbed a box of photos and we camped on the living room floor to look them over. I didn’t buy as many photos as I could have, but I did get a few photos from the ’60s of about 3 couples dressed in adult bunny suits getting drunk in a bar. (Must scan later – they are insane.) I also found some acetate record plates and a ’70s Hawaii shirt. Total price tag — $7.50.

Fuzzy (The Roofer) and his wife Inga lived a pretty fun life (or so it seemed) and I was pretty happy to get a little glimpse into their life.

5 Responses to Saturday sales: the second half

  1. Jenny says:

    I would like to add that Leslie also mentioned this about the Bridget puzzle: “The other special part is that it’s sealed in cellophane that appeared um, greasy and possibly tobacco stained. It’s going to require a serious wipe down.”

    Also, please notice that it is LIFESIZE. And that there is a statue checking out her butt.

  2. Marc says:

    My mother is named Bridget and she’s totally fat…, how much do you want for it? Now who’s creeped out for real, y’all! BOOM!

  3. Bitch On Wheels says:

    Um Marc,

    Do you want the puzzle as a gift for your mother (prepare to be written out of the will) or as a glorious bit of decor for your bachelor pad mantle?

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  5. Michael says:

    The photos were not taken in Seattle.
    They were taken around 1971 in Boston.
    The company that published the puzzle was American Publishing.

    I knew ‘Bridget’ in high school and during college. I haven’t seen her in years but she was a good friend and a fine person.