Beware of crafting gone wild

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Junk In My Trunk 6-16-07

I wasn’t really planning on going to sales on Saturday. I thought I might stay home, work on getting items priced for our re-scheduled sale, go to the dog park, and maybe clean the house. In the end I woke up early, had some coffee and headed out around 8:00. Even being on the fence, I had printed out some sales the night before — just in case.

I have this habit of really being organized when I print out my sales and I even highlight what time they are open and the address, placing the sales that look the best on top and then dividing them up by area. Not today. The very first sale had no address — in fact I found 2 listings with no address. I mostly just drove around to see if I could find any signs.

The first sale was held by the Seattle Women’s Rugby Team. Nice ladies, but really bad sale. Video tapes, bad books and t-shirts were the bulk of what they had. Honestly, the sales started out crappy. They either had nothing, everything was priced way too high, or they didn’t have anything out yet. I don’t mind that if it’s before the sale opens, but when you list 9:00 as your start time, you should try and have most of your items out.

One sale had been listed as being a benefit for Doggie Hospital Bills (way to pull at my heart strings!) and out of the 5 girls doing the sale, 3 of them worked at Nordstrom. BINGO! I didn’t lose my mind as much as I could have. I did purchase a large rolling Roxy Hawaiian suitcase that I remember seeing at Nordstrom last year (for a whopping $110) and I talked her down from $20 to $15. I purchased some (unopened) Clarins and Kiehls products, a copy of Madonna’s SEX book for $3 (I never actually looked at it until now) and some nice new candles. Final bill: $32.00.

I hit some serious duds today and I was almost ready to give up when I hit 2 different estate sales. At the first one I purchased some really cute 80’s clothes (one T-shirt says “Rip It!” with wacky 80’s cube patterns) and 3 different Boy Scout/Cub Scout books.

The next one had started the day before and it looked like folks had walked all over the house.
Crap run amok

This sale was what I can only describe as “Crafting Gone Wild” — this woman crafted/collected way beyond what I would consider normal. In fact I would put this out as a warning to not purchase yards of fabric, patterns or yarn that you don’t need and won’t use.

Craft Explosion

Craft Cabinets

Craft Overload

I was excited to find the box for a Jewel Toned Owl purse, but it turned out to just have more knitting magazines inside. I did take a photo of the box, since it was pretty cool.

Fabulous Jewel Tone Handbag

All in all it turned out okay for a day when I didn’t even think I was going to go to any sales at all.

2 Responses to Beware of crafting gone wild

  1. Anna says:

    I know this post is a little old, but I found one of these jewel toned purses at a g-sale yesterday w/ the box! Its the one w/ the city names and buildings on it…would you be interested in it?
    Let me know!

    Anna in NE =)

  2. Meghan says:

    you are in Nebraska? I am from Nebraska. We don’t really buy or sell anything, but it was so cool that you would offer. Wouldn’t someone on ebay love that?