Memorial Day weekend sales

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We have generally found that there aren’t a ton of sales on the Saturday of a holiday weekend (like Memorial Day or Labor Day). But last Saturday there were a good handful so we went out for a few hours. Most of the sales were just so-so. We went to one fundraising sale where I found nothing, but donated $2 for a cookie (Meghan got a rice krispie treat which once again was sub-par – what is up with that?) About halfway through she ran out of money when she spent the last of it on a small vintage stained glass window (muttering all the while about how her boyfriend was going to think she was insane for buying it). A few sales later I mentioned that I had only spent $5 the whole day and she said with a horrified look “You mean all of that stuff in the trunk is mine?” Sadly, this was almost true.

We went to one sale in the carport of some new townhouses where just about all there was were trashy platform shoes and computer games. The girl there asked us what we were looking for, claiming that she could probably produce it from her house. She boasted about producing some “ruby slippers” in just the right size for a previous shopper. We just left, and agreed that we had both sort of wanted to take a picture of her and her odd selection of stuff, but didn’t even want to ask because she probably would have been too into it.

The best sale of the day came a bit later – an estate sale that didn’t sound all that great from the ad, but turned out to be pretty cool, with a house full of crusty but kinda fabulous old junk. Meghan spotted this picture on the wall:

Ponytail girl

“How much is the ponytail girl?” she asked the woman taking money by the door. “You mean me?” she replied. “My sister drew that, long ago.” It wasn’t really for sale but it almost sounded like she was thinking about it. Meghan said “I’m not even going to ask you then” and we moved on.

We were also pretty entertained by this collection of old Frango boxes (and entertaining button selection. Do it! Do it Now!)

Old Frango boxes (and other estate sale detritus)

After that we decided to call it a day and go have breakfast. We ended up stopping at a couple more sales along the way where I bought an orange phone for a quarter that turned out not to work, and a hilarious book called “Sexercise” with line drawings of a man (with fantastic 70s mustache and sideburns) and a woman demonstrating the “exercises.” Still, my contributions to the trunk were pretty meager!

Junk in My Trunk, 5/26/07

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