One week early (again) …

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Regular readers might remember the debacle sale day when I drove to a huge neighborhood sale the week before. Really nothing makes a yard sale junkie feel like a bigger jackass, no?

Well, we headed out early Saturday morning to hit up the Mount Baker Neighborhood Yard Sale with our recurring guest star Karl. He and Jenny had both looked at the ad on Craigslist, we all made a date to drive out to the south end –- sounds good, right? Pretty much from the get go I could tell that something was up. No signs! I had done this before and very calmly said, “Karl, did you happen to notice if the sale was next weekend?” Oops. In the end it all worked out, but being in an area of town with no sales at peak time is a real bummer.

One of the first conversations we had was based on how to give directions. Karl is a fine navigator, but the discrepancy was based on how to direct someone to “go straight” or “go forward” — this is one of my personal pet peeves and I hate when people say stupid-ass-shit like “Never go straight. Only go forward” or “you might go straight, but I never will.” I told Karl that my car only goes straight.

So, we hit up the magical Sweet and Savory bakery and started to work out our game plan for sales. We hit a sale early on that at first just looked okay, but they kept bringing out more items. Karl found records and a turntable. Jenny snagged some ’50s glasses and men’s Hawaiian shirts. I was grabbing stuff right and left: ’80s patterned tights, ’50s tablecloths, an incredible ’40s or ’50s leather jacket, and tons more. When all was said and done we had filled the whole car at this one sale. This is also where the Babee Tenda came from.

One of the most sparse sales, but with the nicest people, was the church moving sale. It felt like they were just pulling stuff out of the church kitchen and putting price tags on it. They told us about how they are moving to a different church in a completely different part of town and how the neighborhood had changed. I am guessing there will be a condo in its place.

Church Moving SaleFremont Solstice Parade. It clogs up streets all around it and the nearby sales are usually offbeat in a bad way. One famous tradition at the Fremont fair is the naked bicycle riders. Each year they start off from a different area and sure enough … this year it was right on the way to our next sale.

Painted naked people on bikes

Karl proceeded to yell out the window at them while Jenny was snapping photos.

Bike-riding naked dudes painted like tigers

The fabric and handbag sale was pretty picked over, but Jenny and I picked up a few things, and as a great bonus we all ended up with free spa passes to Banya 5.

We started heading back to the south end. We hit a garage sale with some of the lowest prices. 10 cent music? What can you really get nowadays with 10 cents?

All music 10 cents each

Then we went the complete other direction hitting two estate sales where the prices were super high. I thought this pink ash tray was pretty great.

Killer ashtray

Although not everything at this sale was that expensive. I mean, you could really score if you wanted to pick up some old half-used toiletry items.

Unwanted toiletry items

As for the junk in our trunk … you really can’t even see most of the good stuff in this photo, but here it is anyway.

Junk In My Trunk 6-21-08

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