Return of the hat

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Wow. We haven’t done an update since August. OUCH! Jenny has been taking a break from sales, I have been going very sporadically and we are just a little flakey. Over a month ago we did hit some sales while my friends from Lennox Head, Australia where in town (the same ones who took me to some Australian garage sales a couple years back.

Jenny was the navigator and we tried to find a few good sales for them. About seven or eight sales in we hit one that this woman was having in her garage and part of a shipping container filled with books. As I was looking around I saw a hat that recognized, because I had made it. In 1990 Seattle had a huge snowstorm and my sister and her two children all ended up being stuck in Ballard for 4 days. In that time we crafted for hours just to keep busy. We made jewelry and Christmas stockings, and I also made a couple of hats. One of which was now here.

Hat on mannequin

I asked the woman, “Can you tell me about this hat?”

“Oh, sure. I have had those for years. I purchased them at the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival. Do you know about that festival?” Well, no I don’t know jack shit about that festival, but how do I tell this woman I made that hat. I mean really. WTF?

Jenny leaned over and said “I think that’s Women with a Y.” So, I just said I knew nothing about any “Womyn’s” festival, but I made that hat.

Here is the real kicker. She had the other hat I made too. She purchased both of them in Michigan and brought both of them back to Ballard — 15 blocks away from our old house! She wanted to know how long I made hats for and how long I sold hats for. I HAVE NEVER SOLD A HAT IN MY LIFE.

I had to call my sister right away, since the sale was 10 blocks from our old house. INSANE.

We did hit a few more sales, including this sale that had the most insane table built on a shopping cart – janky.

Mod shopping cart table

I picked up an old movie canister that is really cool.

I honestly don’t remember much else that happened, but we had a nice time and we each bought at few things. Here is a little blog about Brett and Jenny’s trip to the USA, which includes a rare photo of us styling the trunk.

Junk In My Trunk 9-14-13

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