The annoying side of the basement sale

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As Jenny mentioned, our basement sale was great. However, besides the guy showing up two days early, there were more than a few other annoying incidents that she neglected to mention. Most people were great, but some of them were driving us crazy with behavior such as the following:

  • People came an hour early (the line was huge).
  • Someone stole one of the planters in front of my house!
  • After we let 10 people in some folks demanded (and I mean verbally upset DEMANDED) to be let in, and when we told them “no” they threatened to leave. This was a farce, since we knew in the middle of March no one else is having a sale. (O.K. unless someone died, you got me there!)
  • Complained that it was too dark. It’s a basement, lady.
  • One confused woman lost her coin purse in our “free box,” then made me spend 20 minutes helping her look for it.
  • A couple wanted to purchase one of the book shelves, so I had to take everything out of it, moved it over by the door, and then they decided not to buy it.
  • Another woman had me help her out to her car with her stuff, she was old and I was fine with helping, but then she asked me to rearrange all of the items in her car for her (no, I’m not kidding).

Still, it was an awesome sale.

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