Our legendary basement sale of March, 2004

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In my last post I mentioned the sale we had (along with some friends) in Meghan’s basement. She was getting ready to move from the house she’d lived in for something like nine years into a pretty small apartment, so the bulk of the stuff was hers, but I definitely added a lot to the pile as well. Since it was in the basement we had plenty of time to get things set up ahead of time, so despite the multitude of junk, it was extremely well-organized. I remember looking around while we were taking pictures to use in our online ad and thinking “I would love to go to this sale!”

Having a sale in March is pretty great because the hardcore sale freaks are really starting to jones for good stuff by then and there aren’t a lot of competing sales. We had early birds lined up at least an hour before the sale opened (another advantage to an indoor sale: easy to keep people out until you’re ready.) We did have one guy show up on Thursday morning, the day our ad first ran (the paper charges the same for up to 3 days so we figured we’d get the most for our money). Meghan’s roommate wasn’t too happy when he woke her up. We grilled her about what he looked like so we could refuse to let him in if he showed up on Saturday, but we were never really sure who it was.

Without further rambling I will just show you the photos from the sale, which have been conveniently preserved in a nearly-forgotten corner of my computer!

The main area. (Having a cool-looking red and black painted basement adds to the groovy vibe, don’t you think?)
The legendary basement sale, March 2004

Miscellaneous bric-a-brac corner.
More basement sale

Art corner. I love that elephant.
And more basement sale

Kitchen stuff on the bar, plus a trio of body-part mannequins. For some unknown reason we didn’t get the light-up female torso in the picture very well. What a lost opportunity!
Still more basement sale

The clothes rack. This was in a walk-in closet room off the main area.
Closet of the basement sale

The rest of the closet. Accessories galore.
More from the closet

We got kind of creative making little dioramas in the built-in nooks.
Nook in the basement sale   More basement sale nooks

We piled a slew of random little stuff into this box.
Box of little stuff from the basement sale

I sort of like this little windowsill diorama.
Basement sale display

And finally, I leave you with a photo of this picture Meghan got rid of that cracked me up. Yes, it’s a boy squirting milk from a cow into a cat’s mouth. I bet it made whoever bought it very, very happy!
Prized basement sale item

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