Goth art and chili cook-offs

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We only hit a few sales last weekend and for a while I didn’t even think there would be enough for a blog post. The first two were too boring to even mention. The next was something listed as a “High Profile Estate Sale” — when we got there we couldn’t even find the place. I rechecked the listing and realized it wasn’t starting for fifteen minutes, but it seemed weird they didn’t even have a sign out. Finally we noticed a line of about twenty people standing by an apartment building tucked off the street … we decided that getting breakfast sounded like a better idea.

Rather than double back to find out what the hell “High Profile Estate Sale” even meant, we decided to hit another one which seemed to have potential. As we parked the car we noticed a guy walking down the street carrying a very large stuffed dog.

Dude with dog

The odd thing was, he was walking toward the sale — not coming from it. I don’t know where he got the dog. Maybe he carries it with him everywhere he goes.

Inside, this was about the first thing I saw.

Middle-aged White Guys

Followed by a box of buttons … most of which had something to do with chili.

Chili is my life

I guess the guy was heavily into chili cook-offs — his kitchen had chili recipes and posters from events he’d participated in. There were tons of books and a couple of boxes of records, sort of a mix of stuff — nothing I needed to own but some of the covers were entertaining.


Gambler's Life

I ended up digging a handful of buttons out of the box and we each picked up a couple of other things.

Next was a sale which just sounded odd. It had started on Friday, but on Saturday they posted a new ad, saying that new stuff had been added (including vintage clothes). And this:


They did not lie. Well, maybe they lied about the “amazing” part and the “ridiculously good prices” part, but definitely not the “goth” part.

Goth paintings

Can we get a close-up?

Chess battle ... for your soul

There were sculptures, too.

Goth sculptures

The sale was in the basement of the house. The vintage clothes were mostly unremarkable — the few things that were interesting were overpriced. There were two separate rooms filled up with books, tending heavily towards the sci-fi and fantasy. There were also some other things in there, like magazines, and calendars …

Boris Vallejo calendars

And this.

Heart with long arms and legs

Against all odds, we purchased a few things here, but nothing worthy of a trunk shot. Overall, the day was pretty much “meh”, but it’s January — and it wasn’t snowing — so I can’t really complain!

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