Crap we didn’t buy

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We didn’t go to sales last Saturday. It was Thanksgiving weekend, for cryin’ out loud! That’s usually the marker of when we are done with sales for the year. (Although you never know for sure.)

But lack of sales does not mean lack of blog! Now’s our chance to catch up on some of the more random oddball bits of bloggy goodness. Like this brief look at three horrid items seen at recent sales that weren’t worth a post of their own.

First we have … this.

We are the Music Makers

To be fair, it doesn’t say “We are the Painting Makers.”

Next, we have … I’m not sure what. Happy Jesus on a Boat?

Nautical Jesus

Or it could be some dude’s portrait … just some regular old bearded guy in a Biblical-looking white tunic. I didn’t want to ask any questions.

And finally, a cookbook which was named in more innocent times.

The Stuffed Cougar

I think “cougar” has now joined “beaver” as a mascot which once sounded completely normal, but now seems sort of wrong, through no fault of the animal itself.

With crap like this … I really don’t mind taking a break from sales for a while.

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