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Janis and Johnny

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Last Saturday was a pretty great sale day. I’ll give you the full recap soon … meanwhile, please enjoy these fine pieces of fan art (for lack of a better term) which we spotted at two separate sales. No, we … Continue reading

Cat overload

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I made a quick stop at a senior center’s annual rummage sale today. It has been pretty bad every time I’ve gone (over the past 5 or 6 years) so I’m not sure why I bothered, but there is something … Continue reading

Kneading Fingers and Solar Rollers

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Question … Who would buy this? I mean, I am not even sure who would buy this new, but buying someone’s used Kneading Fingers at a moving sale is just icky. I think it’s funny that it’s on top of … Continue reading

Attack of the built-in planter

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A few weeks ago Jenny and I hit an estate sale at a beautiful (non-restored) home in Olympic Manor. Those of you that follow us or know much about this North Ballard planned community may know that this is one … Continue reading

Aerobics anyone?

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It’s been a while since we’ve posted. You know why? Sales around here in February provide almost nothing to write about. Not that we’ve even hit too many. But we did venture out for a quick estate sale run yesterday. … Continue reading

Transformer Garage Sale

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We did not go to this sale.

Vancouver thrift store painting

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I missed out on all of those lame sales Meghan suffered through last Saturday because I was in Vancouver, BC for the weekend. Hitting the area’s thrift stores used to be a required part of any visit there (or almost … Continue reading

My Little Pony Can Be Your Little Ponies

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We had a brief debate about whether My Little Pony stuff was collectible or not. Our unscientific verdict was that the older ones probably were but the newer ones probably weren’t. Regardless, this sign made us laugh.