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We went somewhere!

The things you find on the street in San Francisco

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What would you do if you saw this just sitting out on a street corner in San Francisco? Well, if you are a member of my family, you would put aside any concerns that it might be full of mangled … Continue reading

Winter vacation, Summer’s Eve

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This is a week overdue, but getting ready for the holiday season and coming down with some wacky flu bug has kept me from blogging (and I’m lazy). My boyfriend and I went on a whirlwind southern California and Arizona … Continue reading

The yard sale/real estate connection

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I was visiting my parents in Berkeley the weekend before last. As I’ve mentioned before, I got my love of yard sales from my folks, who have been loving the wacky second-hand stuff since before I was born. We hadn’t … Continue reading

Le Crap

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So … I caught you all up on my recent vacation to London. While I was there, I was able to sneak off with my husband for three days in Paris! It was such a short time that we didn’t … Continue reading

Car boots and charity shops

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I’ve been back from my vacation for two weeks now and while junking wasn’t the main focus, of course I got a little in! I went to London for about twelve days. I was really hoping to visit a car … Continue reading

Sweaters 78 cents, handguns not allowed

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A few weeks ago I went back to Omaha for a reunion. Unlike my last visit, I was pretty limited on time for getting in some solid thrifting. I made sure I had a chance to hit up one of … Continue reading

Thrifting in Omaha

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I have been back in Seattle for over a month, and as winter has set in we aren’t thinking of yard sales as much as we usually do. I have had the last bit of my Omaha blog hanging over … Continue reading

The Omaha estate sale scene

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While I was in the Midwest I was able to hit up some sales with an old friend and his sale partner in Omaha, Nebraska. Marc and Ron hit sales and auctions every weekend with a cast of characters that … Continue reading