Teeny tiny signy

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Some of you might remember that I had been in Australia last year for my honeymoon. I hadn’t really planned to thrift or even hit sales while I was there. One day at a coffee shop in Melbourne I did see this tiny sheet for a yard sale that had happened a couple of weeks before.

Tiny teeny little yard sale sign

It really was that small and it does say “hello, stiffy” – yes, that is Aussie slang for “hey, everyone look” but it still means a male erection when you get right down to it.

It says nothing over $50, and if you know what the dollar is like there now -– that is still pretty high. My husband and I went into major monetary sticker shock the first few days.

This flyer is so small that I lost it in my wallet for about three months after I arrived back home. Still pretty funny.

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