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West Seattle Junk

Posted by Jenny in Junk In My Trunk, Sale Tales | 1 Comment

As Meghan reports below, we had a pretty good time hitting the West Seattle yard sales. I didn’t come away with any really amazing scores, but I did get a handful of interesting books and records and other small odd … Continue reading

West Seattle sale report

Posted by Meghan in Sale Tales | 1 Comment

Jenny and I hit the third annual West Seattle community sale on Saturday. It was advertised as 100 homes and I would guess that we hit around 45 sales in a little under 4 hours. We left a little early … Continue reading

Possession is 9/10ths of the law

Posted by Meghan in Junk In My Trunk, Sale Tales | 6 Comments

Of course we had to hit up sales, since it was National Garage Sale Day. When was this holiday created? I have no idea, but if we have National Talk Like A Pirate Day — why not. Jenny and I … Continue reading

Janks for the memories

Posted by Meghan in Junk In My Trunk, Sale Tales | 7 Comments

Seems like forever since we did an update? Oddly enough, we haven’t all been together on a sale day for well over a month. The rain seems to have passed, the annual neighborhood sales are getting closer — West Seattle … Continue reading

Fun fur nightmare

Posted by Meghan in Sale Tales | 17 Comments

We pretty much covered our day at the West Seattle garage sales, except for the very last sale we hit. This was an estate sale, not part of the organized effort, and we just happened to spot their signs. And … Continue reading

Come witness the magic

Posted by Meghan in Sale Tales | 6 Comments

Last Saturday was the annual West Seattle neighborhood sale. It seems like it’s turned into the mecca that Phinney once was, before they started moving the sale date back and forth. Off and on we have hit this sale together, … Continue reading